which career makes the most money

Which Career Makes the Most Money?

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Have you ever wondered which career makes the most money? There are some people who are content with what they are doing since their job enables them to pursue their ambition and also pays them well at the end of the month. These people have found a job that satisfies both of these requirements.

However, not everyone has the good fortune to be in such a circumstance, and as a result, they must continue their search for a better work with a better compensation package. So which career makes the most money? Let’s explore this by looking at all the high-paying careers below.

You may be shocked to learn that there are a few more top highest paying occupations or careers that will pay you well for following your passion. Most people used to believe that only the CEOs and top directors of multi-national companies get a substantial payoff at the conclusion of their careers.

Acting is one of the most lucrative professions in the world, so if you have a passion for performing, you may turn that talent into a lucrative career that pays very well.

We are all painfully (jealously) aware of the amount of mansions, sports vehicles, and other items of luxury that these performers can purchase, and we all know that some of them already have everything.

However, in order to become a star of that scale, you absolutely need to have some talent.

Without further ado, we’ll answer the question right now of which career makes the most money: The Anesthesiologist holds the title of having the job with the highest average salary of any profession in the world. This is the only job that is mentioned with an annual salary that is always consistently over $300,000 no matter the state to average about 420,000 yearly nationwide. However, mega-CEOs such as Warren Buffett and Jeff Bezos, make a significant amount more than that, are not included on this category.

For the biggest paychecks, the chief executive officers of the largest firms consistently rank first. That honor went to Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon.com, in 2022. The year was 2020, and Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, was the one who cashed in some stock options and walked away with an incredible $265 million. That comes to a little more than one million dollars for each business day. In the year 2021, Tim Cook was awarded about $100 million in compensation.

1 Which Career Makes the Most Money: Surgery

which career makes the most money surgeon photo

The professionals who are involved in surgical procedures have some of the highest pay rates of any profession because, well, they do surgical procedures. The question of which career makes the most money is almost answered by this position, because the compensation is very high. It is well deserved, too, considering that surgeons, anesthesiologists, and obstetrician-gynecologists literally hold people’s lives in the palms of their hands—and need a good 10 to 12 years of higher education to get qualified to do this high-paying job, from college to medical school to a residency. It is well deserved, too, considering that they literally hold people’s lives in the palms of their hands (sometimes up to 4 years). There is absolutely no unemployment in any of these fields because it is anticipated that thousands of positions will become available over the course of the next ten years.

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons get a median salary of $240,000 – $320,000 per year.

Anesthesiologist: a salary of $409,200 per year

Surgeon – $254,329

Combined annual salary of an obstetrician and gynecologist is $207,177.

Educational Accomplishment: Doctorate

2 Which Career Makes the Most Money: Psychiatrists

These are the physicians who take care of our mental health. Their pay usually ranks up there along the doctors who put us to sleep and cut out our tumors; they also get quite a nice wage. Psychiatrists, in contrast to psychologists, are required to graduate from medical school, then complete a residency program lasting several years. They also have the responsibility of prescribing medication, which necessitates additional years of education and frequently calls for a more demanding workload than a psychologist. Because the psychiatrist views mental health as an element of overall physical health, he or she is compensated in the same manner as a medical doctor would be. However, despite the fact that over 3,000 jobs are anticipated in the following decade, there is still opportunity for more.

Median Salary: $194,507

Educational Accomplishment: Doctorate

3 Which Career Makes the Most Money: Medical Doctor or Specialist

When someone says they are “going to the doctor,” they almost always mean they are going to see a physician, which is a type of medical doctor that specializes in providing primary care to patients. We talk more about this position here. As is the case with the other professions that offer the highest salaries, becoming a physician requires a significant amount of time investment, both in terms of training (through residencies) and actual work (in the form of long, demanding hours). In exchange for the time that they put in, physicians make a significant amount of money; general practitioners can make up to $200,000 per year, and specialists can make significantly more than that.

Physicians make a median salary of $173,953 per year.

Podiatrist – $124,868, Pediatrician – $145,141 

Educational Accomplishment: Doctorate

4 Which Career Makes the Most Money: Oral Medicine

It is not feasible to place an adequate amount of emphasis on the significance of good dental health. Dental problems and hygiene is a risk factor for a wide range of diseases, including cardiovascular diseases and dementia, and oral diseases can frequently be important warning signs that are ignored while being indicators of more significant problems. Even though many in the United States give little thought to their dental health, those who are in charge of it earn salaries that are significantly more than they should be. Dentists make approximately $125,000 per year, however orthodontists can earn up to $170,000 per year. These are careers that need a significant amount of education, and let’s be honest: very few individuals are suited to spend all day gazing in other people’s mouths.

Orthodontists make a median salary of $168,921 per year.

Dentist – $125,464, Prosthodontist – $151,723 

Educational Accomplishment: Doctorate

5 Which Career Makes the Most Money: Nurse Anesthetist

Although anesthesiologists make up a significant portion of the highest-paid medical professions, nurse anesthetists also do rather well for themselves financially. Nurse anesthetists are members of an advanced practice nursing specialty who perform duties that are similar to those of anesthesiologists, such as administering anesthesia and monitoring vital signs. However, they are required to do these tasks under the supervision of a medical doctor. To become a nurse anesthetist, you need to get a master’s degree and a qualification called a CRNA. In addition, nurse anesthetists are typically expected to perform the duties of registered nurses, such as providing patients with aftercare. Their average pay in the six figures is unquestionably well-deserved.

Median Salary: $139,829

Educational Accomplishment: Doctorate

6 Architect of Computer and Network Systems

In the 21st century, the success or failure of a company can be directly correlated to its level of communication, and the role of the computer network architect in maintaining communication is absolutely essential. The data communication networks that the computer network architect creates can range in size from the intranet of a single firm to the massive cloud networks used by multiple companies. It is a career that entails a significant lot of responsibility, as well as a significant amount of study (in most cases, at least a master’s degree). Additionally, no one can become a network architect without having a significant amount of experience in the field.

Median Salary: $116,408

Degree Obtained: Master’s Degree

7 IT Manager

An IT Manager is the individual who, within a company or other organization, is in charge of the IT department. This individual holds a position of authority and responsibility over the IT technicians and analysts who are in charge of ensuring that the organization’s computer networks remain operational. Although it is possible to work your way up from an entry level position to a managerial one, in most situations you will need to have specialized schooling to become an IT manager. A manager of information technology needs to not only be completely knowledgeable about the technology itself, but also in the abilities and methods of management, which may involve obtaining a master’s degree. Over $100,000 is a reasonable salary expectation for an IT manager due to the years of education and essential responsibility required.

Median Salary: $114,603

Degree Obtained: Master’s Degree

8 Pharmacist

Pharmacists are, in many respects, the unsung heroes of the medical sector. While physicians are the ones who prescribe medications, it is the pharmacist’s job to ensure that patients receive the appropriate dosage of the appropriate medication in the appropriate form at the appropriate time. We talk more about this position here. A Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) degree and a license from the Board of Pharmacy in your state are both requirements to enter the field of pharmacy as a practitioner. That boils down to putting in a lot of hard hours at school, an internship, studying, and practicing before getting to work as a professional. The job itself is rather low-stress, but it comes with a lot of responsibility and a wage that matches that.

Median Salary: $110,405

Educational Accomplishment: Doctorate

9 Petroleum Engineer

Usually, any job that includes the word “engineer” in the title is likely to pay well, but the position of petroleum engineer is one in which this assumption is especially accurate. Petroleum is essential to modern life in almost every way, from the production of fuel to the materials used to make plastics. Those professionals who have the applied scientific knowledge necessary to optimize production, manage drilling sites, design equipment, and implement strategies are paid well. Petroleum engineers need several years of post-schooling bachelor’s that is highly specialized, and the working circumstances may be difficult (oil and warm climates just don’t tend to go together) — both of these factors contribute to the high income that petroleum engineers receive.

Median Salary: $100,583

Degree Obtained: Master’s Degree

10 Nurse Practitioner

We have talked about the job of a nurse before. When you go to a family clinic these days, it is much more probable that you will see a nurse practitioner than it is that you will see a medical doctor, and this is a positive development. They have learned the majority of the specific knowledge that doctors learn, but in addition to that, they have the hands-on experience and skill, as well as the bedside manner, of nurses. Most of the time, a nurse practitioner is capable of doing anything a doctor is capable of doing. In point of fact, over half of the states in the United States do not need nurse practitioners to work under the supervision of a physician. To be able to work as a nurse practitioner (NP), one needs a Master of Science in Nursing degree in addition to a license from the state. Aspiring NPs should be aware that the hours are just as long as nursing, but with even more responsibility. However, the income helps compensate for the tiredness of standing all day.

Median Salary: $91,697

Degree Obtained: Master’s Degree

11 Physician Assistant

Because of the many circumstances in which they are responsible for determining whether or not a patient receives medical treatment, physician assistants are among the most essential components of the healthcare system. PAs are qualified to evaluate, diagnose, and treat patients because their education is comparable to that of medical doctors and ends with a master’s degree. This allows PAs to work closely with patients. PAs play an important role in the delivery of medical treatment in many remote and neglected areas of the country where there are no doctors. Even though their compensation is lower than that of a full-fledged medical doctor, physician assistants are nevertheless very much valued in the medical community.

Median Salary: $91,348

Degree Obtained: Master’s Degree

12 Nurse Midwife

There are various areas of expertise that can be pursued by advanced practice nurses, but one of the most satisfying is being a nurse midwife for a variety of reasons. A nurse midwife offers the best of all worlds for pregnant women who desire the reassuring and less intrusive care that a midwife can provide, along with the certainty that comes along with modern medicine. Nurse midwives are required to have a Master of Science in Nursing as well as a nursing license. Additionally, nurse midwives in the majority of states are required to work under the supervision of an obstetrician. However, nurse midwives are typically in complete charge of the birthing area as well as the care of pregnant mothers and their babies, and their remuneration reflect the increased level of responsibility that comes with this role.

Master’s degree holders earn a median salary of $89,158 per year.

13 Actuary

Actuarial science is a highly specialized field of accounting that mixes business, statistics, and accounting; actuaries utilize all of their experience to analyze risk for a variety of clients, including insurance companies, banks, and government organizations, amongst others. This position requires a significant amount of study and a number of years spent obtaining a higher education. It is a career that very few individuals actually have the mental capacity for. One of the best careers available in terms of job security, amount of labor required, and pay rate is that of an actuary for individuals who are good with numbers. Actuaries are always in demand since the field is so complex; consequently, there are never enough of them. This means that an experienced actuary can pretty much write their own ticket.

Median Salary: $83,620

Degree Obtained: Master’s Degree

14 Lawyer

We’ve discussed the job of a lawyer before. People who aren’t involved in the legal profession may find it simple to complain that there are too many attorneys, but doing so betrays a willful ignorance of exactly how important lawyers are in virtually every industry, including government, entertainment, healthcare, and more. When someone has been wronged, legal counsel is provided by lawyers so that they can protect the accused from being treated unfairly, keep businesses on the straight and narrow, assist families in managing their assets during life transitions, and give legal representation. To be able to work as a lawyer, one needs to obtain a Juris Doctor degree as well as a license from the state Bar Association. Lawyers work long hours and are under a lot of pressure, but they are compensated with a high median wage.

Median Salary: $81,648

Educational Accomplishment: Doctorate

15 Operations Research Analyst

Math is the one and only explanation for why Operations Research Analysts command such a high wage. To put it more plainly, operations research analysts employ mathematics, statistics, and data in their work to assess business challenges and develop solutions for those problems. This could involve making adjustments to the supply chain, rearranging the products at a store to increase sales, or better utilizing the available human resources, among other possible options. Because it is a highly technical industry, the required level of education and skill set automatically creates a barrier to entry. As a result, unemployment rates are low, job prospects are high (increasing by 27%), and the median wage is consistent and satisfactory.

Median Salary: $77,118

Degree Obtained: Master’s Degree

16 Veterinarian

Although being a veterinarian is high on the list of careers that children hope to have when they grow up, the position entails more than simply caressing cute animals. We’ve discussed the job of a vet before on this site. Veterinarians are responsible for the health and well-being of a wide variety of animals, including those kept in zoos and farms, as well as captive endangered species. They play an important role in maintaining a healthy food supply, avoiding the overpopulation of stray animals, and even researching the effects of climate change on the world’s many animal species. A doctorate in veterinary medicine is required of veterinarians, which can take anywhere from 4 to 6 years to complete, and they also need to be certified in their state. Certain specialty may require even more schooling and certification than that.

Median Salary: $75,363

Educational Accomplishment: Doctorate

17 Construction Manager

Construction is one of the industries that always has a need for workers. Construction may run through cycles depending on the state of the economy, and certain aspects of construction may have cyclical work patterns, but one thing is certain: people are continually constructing new things. Whether it’s residential or commercial building, government contracting or the private sector, a smart construction manager will never go unemployed for an extended period of time. It is possible to work one’s way up to the position of construction manager by experience alone; but, a bachelor’s or master’s degree can provide the skills and knowledge that are necessary to earn higher earnings and complement experience.

Median Salary: $74,388

Qualifications: Bachelor’s or Master’s Degrees

18 Psychologist

A psychologist, in contrast to a psychiatrist, is not a practitioner of medicine but rather an academic doctor. We’ve detailed the job of a psychologist in an earlier post. Either a Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) or a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Psychology may be earned by a psychologist. The fundamental distinction between the two degrees is whether the individual intends to work in education and research or work directly with clients as a therapist. It’s possible for psychologists to work in a wide variety of settings, from hospitals and laboratories to companies specializing in business and marketing. The compensation rates that a psychologist earns can vary based on where they work and in what capacity; nevertheless, due to their high degree of knowledge and wide range of applicability, psychologists earn a higher than average median salary.

Median Salary: $73,921

Educational Accomplishment: Doctorate

19 Business Ops Management

A Business Operations Manager is the one who controls the day-to-day operations of businesses large and small, including problem-solving, staff motivation, and communication with higher-ups in the company. Strong personnel may be able to work their way into this position through promotions; but, the professional rivalry in today’s world can be harsh; obtaining a higher degree such as an MBA or Master’s in Management may be the key to succeeding in this field. Strong managers not only have a better chance of earning a higher median pay, but they also will usually be promoted to executive positions due to their previous performance.

Median Salary: $72,988

Degree Obtained: Master’s Degree

20 Statistician

Anyone who can manage statistics is worth their weight in gold, as any college student who has squeaked by with a passing grade in a statistics class will tell you. Because they possess a skill set that is highly specialized, statisticians are in high demand in a broad number of sectors. These fields include banking, insurance, technology, entertainment, and healthcare; you name it, there is a place for statisticians. The level of schooling required for a job in statistics might vary, but in most cases, a master’s degree is required to acquire the level of experience and versatility that will allow a statistician to transition successfully into a variety of other fields.

Median Salary: $71,550

Degree Obtained: Master’s Degree

Where can I start looking for a job that pays well?

Jobs that pay well typically demand higher levels of education, such as a doctorate or medical degree. Even if a bachelor’s degree is the sole educational prerequisite for a few of the positions mentioned here, it does becomes significantly more challenging to get a desirable employment when you are up against candidates who hold advanced degrees.

Thanks for reading our blog post on which career makes the most money. Have a good day!

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