UCLA Salary Database

UCLA Salary Database- How To Access It?

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The UCLA Salary Database is a way to find out how much your favorite UCLA professor makes. How?

Well, each year the University of California (UC) publishes the employee pay data publicly as part of its commitment to transparency and public accountability. The data covers UC’s professorship and employees as well as full-time, seasonal and student workers. 

UCLA Salary Database
Photo from UCLA Anderson School of Management

The UCLA salary database is a retrievable wage information server. It can be used to seek information about wages for a specific UC worker or for a group of staff (e.g. staff with the same title of job).

By clicking on the headings on the top of the screen you can also assign data according to venue, compensation and other conditions.


Accessing the UCLA Salary Database

The salary is available all over the State of California.  On this site you can choose the location you want to see. In this case, you would choose ‘Los Angeles’ to see UCLA salary data.  At the time of this writing, the most current data they have is for the 2018 year.

A searchable database is stored in the University of California computer network. Just click the link above to get to the salary database and enter the name of the person. And just like that, you can get the details on anyone employed by UCLA and their full-year salary.

Looking at this database, I am amazed how many UC employees are in one area.  For example, San Diego UC has more than 25,000 full or part-time workers and is the biggest public employment agency in that area. The wages of its employees and those at the other nine UC campuses are easily tracked.

According to Payscale.com, the average salary for UCLA is $81,000

From Payscale.com

How Salaries are Classified

Three forms of pay compensation areas will be seen, Basic, Gross and Other.  No gross pay is listed in some cases.

In other instances, there is Gross pay, and it’s usually greater than the basic pay amount. 

The Other class is mentioned by UC officials as referring to the following:

  • Faculty pay for Summer Session or Extension class sessions
  • Contract and grant-funded payments given toward faculty research.  This is usually carried out during the summer months 
  • Negotiated additional funds for medical and Health Science research by faculty schools (funds come from the revenues of clinical and by whatever contracts and grants are received) 
  • Compensation earned from performance-based incentives and other payments that reward achievement for exemplary service or reaching specified performance goals

The following are some examples of the varied earnings from the salary database:

David Brenner, for example, who is Vice Chancellor of Health Sciences and Dean of the Medical School, earned $829,770.00 in Gross salary.  $348,008.00 was earned by Seth Lerer, the President of the Arts and Humanities Department.

Another salary is $248,400.00 earned by Jeff Gattas, Managing Director, Advertising, the Media and the Public. Below is another UCLA employee with a high salary: the UCLA Bruins Head Coach…


The Sacramento Bee newspaper also keeps a salary database of California state workers, including Los Angeles County.  You can search for California state worker wages by name and department, and even see wages from the last five years.  

For example, you can select UC Berkeley from the Department dropdown list to find wages from the University of California Berkeley. Berkeley’s pay is also preserved in a public history by the President’s office of the University of California.

The UC server can be indexed by pay and job title and the name of workers and campus. 

Please note that access is not free through this approach.  The catch is you have to subscribe to their newspaper to get unlimited access to the salary listing. 

Even so, this is interesting because they claim to have the most updated information as recent as January 2019 for all California State employees, including civil service workers and California State University.

Ucla salary database numbers
From Payscale.com

Since the salary database at the time of this writing only goes from 2018 back to 2010, there are CD-ROMs available with salary information from prior years. 

By going to the University of California Berkeley Library, you can request to see salary data from 2005 – 2009 in Access, Excel and/or PDF formats at the Doe Reference Desk.  You can’t check these CD-ROMS out though, a computer in the library must be used. Info can be saved from the read-only files to an external drive for later perusal.

3rd Way To Access

Transparent California is another salary database source.  Billed as “California’s largest public pay and pension database”, this site allows you to search and view thousands of salary information records not only for UCLA, but also for other Schools and Colleges for the State of California, along with City and County records.  I did not see a way to specify a certain school like UCLA, though.


We should note that we did find another decent salary database for the University of California.  It’s called University of California Data Analysis but it is not officially endorsed by UCLA.  Here you can search by campus location, a specific employee, their job title, base pay, overtime pay and more.


As a public institution, UC is committed to being publicly accountable and responsive about its operations, including how its faculty and staff are paid for.

UC performs an annual system-wide pay divulgation (employee compensation is a government record under the Public Records Act of California).

The Board of Regents also approves compensation for members of the Senior Management Team, including chancellors, administrators and athletic trainers.

The information on the salary scales that are calculated to come up with the UCLA salaries are found on the UCNet Compensation Policies website.  Here, compensation is detailed for every type of employee from faculty to staff and even includes union employee information.

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