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The Net Worth Elton John Story

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The net worth Elton John story is a very good one to consider. Elton John is a very well-known and successful musician from the United Kingdom who sings, composes, plays the piano, and writes songs. In 2022, Elton John’s net worth was estimated to be $500 million. One of the musicians who has enjoyed the most financial success during their careers is Elton John. To this day, he has racked up more than 300 million album sales all across the world. That fact puts him in fifth place among all musical artists in the contemporary era, after Madonna, Michael Jackson, Elvis, and The Beatles in terms of sales. He is consistently ranked among the celebrities who earn the most money in the globe. During a year spent traveling, it is not out of the question for Elton to bring in more than 80 million dollars from his different activities.

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Every single night that Elton John performed at his residency in Las Vegas, he brought in a staggering half a million dollars in revenue for the venue. Sir Elton John gloried in the grandeur of being able to establish roots in one spot and maximize his earning power, as fans flocked in from all over the world to catch a peek of the mega star on the enormous stage in Vegas. Every performance featured an array of vibrant costumes, hilarious pranks, and high-energy entertainment, and each time Elton John took the stage, he made an additional half a million dollars.

It’s interesting that when the year 2000 rolled around, Elton’s net worth was “just” $100 million. He has earned a notorious reputation for being an extravagant spender. He would eventually admit to spending $2 million every month during the late 90s, for a total of approximately $40 million during that time period. For instance, in the first half of 1996 he spent almost $12 million on real estate and another half a million dollars on flowers. This was all during a six-month period. He amassed a collection of automobiles worthy of display in a museum. In June of 2001, he was able to sell twenty cars that he had not even driven before. His auction featured a 1993 Jaguar for $300,000, as well as Ferraris, Bentleys, and Rolls Royces, which no doubt added to the incredible net worth Elton John story.

Net Worth Elton John: Biography

Reginald Kenneth Dwight aka Elton John, was born on March 25, 1947 in Pinner, Middlesex. He is the oldest of the children of Stanley Dwight and the only child of Sheila Eileen. Elton John is most known for his work as a musician. His paternal grandparents brought him up in a council house in Pinner while he was growing up. In 1945, his parents tied the knot, and shortly thereafter, the family relocated to a nearby semi-detached house. Reddiford School, Pinner Wood Junior School, and Pinner County Grammar School were the three schools he attended up until the age of 17, when he dropped out of school just before his A-Level examinations in order to pursue a career in music.

John’s father, a veteran of the Royal Air Force who had served as a sergeant before being commissioned in May 1944 and eventually rising to the rank of squadron leader while stationed in Iraq at RAF Basrah in 1949, tried to discourage his son from pursuing a career in music in favor of a more traditional one like banking when John first expressed interest in a musical career. John’s father had served in the Royal Air Force. After having such a repressive upbringing, John has stated that his outrageous stage costumes and performances were his way of letting go and finding freedom. Both of his parents shared an appreciation for music, with his father having played the trumpet in a semi-professional big band called the Bob Millar Band, which performed at military dances. John Dwight has said that in 1956, his mother brought home records by Elvis Presley and Bill Haley & His Comets, and he was immediately hooked on rock and roll. This was because John’s family, the Dwights, were passionate record collectors who exposed him to the music of the day’s top artists. As he was growing up, he says, “I just caught glimpses of Jerry Lee Lewis and Little Richard, and that was all. I never in a million years imagined myself being anything else. My musical style is more reminiscent of Little Richard than that of Jerry Lee Lewis, in my opinion. Little Richard is more of a pounder, whereas Jerry Lee is a very skilled and intricate piano player. Jerry Lee is also quite skilled.”

When John was just a little boy, he began to play the piano that belonged to his grandmother. Within a year, John’s mother overheard him playing Waldteufel’s “The Skater’s Waltz” by ear. After giving performances at parties and family gatherings, he started taking regular piano instruction when he was seven years old. At school, he demonstrated musical talent, including the capacity to compose melodies, and he earned some popularity by performing at school functions in a manner that was reminiscent of Jerry Lee Lewis. The prestigious Royal Academy of Music awarded him a junior scholarship when he was just 11 years old. One of John’s teachers claims that after first hearing a four-page work by George Frideric Handel, John immediately played it back, mimicking the sound of a vinyl record.

During this time, Elton John was known by his stage name, Reg Dwight. He also went to the Royal Academy of Music in London for a total of five years.

John went to Saturday classes at the Academy in central London for the next five years. Though he enjoyed playing Frédéric Chopin and Johann Sebastian Bach on the piano and singing in the choir on Saturdays, he admits he wasn’t a serious classical music student. This is supported by the fact that John went to the Academy. He stated, “Going to the Academy was something I kind of disliked doing.” “I was one of those children who could just about get away with not practicing and still pass, scrape through the grades.” He has stated that there were times when he would intentionally miss courses in order to travel on the London Underground. He was described as a “model student” by a number of his teachers, and in addition to attending sessions at the Academy, he also received instruction from a private instructor. He dropped out of the Academy before he could take the final examinations.

John’s mother was a bit of a free spirit despite the fact that she was rather rigorous with her son but she was more vivacious than her spouse. John was mostly raised by his mother and his maternal grandmother due to the fact that John’s biological father, Stanley Dwight, was disinterested in and gone from John’s life. When John’s father was around, the Dwights would get into heated disagreements, which caused John a significant deal of emotional suffering. They split up when he was 14 years old. His mother later wed a local painter named Fred Farebrother, who became a doting stepfather whom John affectionately referred to as “Derf.” John’s mother later married a local painter (“Fred” backwards). They moved into apartment number 3A in the eight-unit complex known as Frome Court, which is located not too far from either of their former residences. There, John penned the songs that would later catapult him to the status of rock star; he remained there until all four of his albums were simultaneously ranked among the top 40 in the United States.

Net Worth Elton John: Career

The net worth Elton John story starts with his fantastic career. John was recruited as a pianist at a neighboring pub, the Northwood Hills Hotel, when he was 15 years old. His mother and stepfather assisted him in getting the job, and he played there from Thursday through Sunday nights. He was simply known as “Reggie,” and he played a variety of popular standards, like as songs by Jim Reeves and Ray Charles, in addition to the songs that he had written himself. His tenure was rounded up by participation with the Corvettes, a band that didn’t last very long. John was able to see normally as a youngster, but in an effort to resemble Buddy Holly, he started wearing spectacles with horn-rimmed frames.

In 1962, John and a few of his pals came together to establish a band that they named Bluesology. During the day, he worked as an errand runner for a music publishing company. At night, he split his time between performing solo sets at a hotel bar in London and working with Bluesology. By the middle of the 1960s, Bluesology was providing live musical support for traveling R&B and soul artists from the United States, including as the Isley Brothers, Major Lance, Patti LaBelle and the Bluebelles. In 1966, the band began serving as Long John Baldry’s backing band and performed a total of sixteen times at the Marquee Club.

The piano, built in 1910, that John used to compose his first five records.

In 1967, John responded to an advertisement that had been posted by Ray Williams, who was working as the A&R manager for Liberty Records at the time. The advertisement had been published in the British journal New Musical Express. At the first time that Williams and John met, Williams handed John an envelope with lyrics penned by Bernie Taupin. Taupin had responded to the same ad that Williams had. After writing the music for the lyrics, John then submitted it to Taupin, thus initiating a collaboration that is still going strong today. After meeting for the first time in 1967, John and Taupin immediately went into the studio to record their first song together, titled “Scarecrow.” Six months later, John decided to begin going by the name Elton John as a way of paying homage to two members of Bluesology: saxophonist Elton Dean and vocalist Long John Baldry. On January 7, 1972, he went through the legal process of changing his name to Elton Hercules John.

The songwriting duo of John and Taupin began working for Dick James’s DJM Records in the capacity of staff composers in 1968. For the next couple of years, they composed music for a variety of performers, including Roger Cook and Lulu. Taupin would create a batch of lyrics in less than an hour and send it to Elton John, who would write music for them in half an hour, discarding the lyrics if he could not come up with anything immediately. John would then give the lyrics back to Taupin. They worked on simple, easy-listening melodies for James to sell to singers for a period of two years. Their early work featured a song named “I Can’t Go On (Living Without You),” which was intended for Lulu and was a potential contender for the UK entry in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1969. It was the sixth song out of a total of six. In 1969, John contributed piano to Roger Hodgson’s first recorded single, “Mr. Boyd,” which was performed by Argosy, a foursome that also included Caleb Quaye and Nigel Olsson. The single was issued by Argosy.

Throughout the 1980s, Elton delivered albums that were commercially successful, and in 1992, he and Taupin signed a contract with Warner Bros. Records worth $39 million over the course of twelve years. It was the greatest financial advance that had ever been given in the history of music up until that moment. It was his score for the Disney animated film The Lion King, which was released in 1994, that was nominated for a Grammy Award in the category of Best Song and was given the “diamond” certification in 1999 for having sold fifteen million copies. In 1997, following the death of the Princess Diana of Wales, John reissued the famous song “Candle in the Wind” that he had originally published in 1973. This rendition, released in 1997, went on to become the song with the highest number of sales in the history of recorded and earned John his one and only Grammy Award for Best Male Pop Recording. John is still performing live, writing music for the stage, and putting out CDs that are quite successful.

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Between the years 1984 and 1988, he was married to Renata Blauel, a recording engineer from Germany. After some time, he came out of the closet and began a relationship with the director David Furnish in 1993. In 2005, the two of them formalized their relationship by entering into a civil partnership.

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