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Salary for a Garbage Man

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What is the yearly salary for a garbage man? Let’s give them some dignity and call them garbage collectors, shall we? The lowest 25 percent of garbage collectors make $28,880 per year, while the highest 25 percent make $50,240. The median annual salary for garbage collectors is $50,240. According to the data provided by the Department of Labor, the average yearly wage for a person who drives a garbage truck is $40,000. According to data provided by the United States Department of Education, the median annual salary for high school dropouts is approximately $24,000, whereas the median annual salary for high school graduates is $30,000.

Salary for a Garbage Man: California

Let’s consider the salary for a garbage man in California because this state generally pays a higher rate. As of June 2022, the typical yearly salary of a garbage collector in the state of California was $22,673. When it comes to compensation for garbage collectors, California comes in at number 27 out of all 50 states in the US.

As an example, in Newport Beach, California, trash collectors make an average of $59,000 per year, and after 30 years of service, they are eligible to retire at the age of 55 with 75% of their yearly wage guaranteed to them for the rest of their lives.

salary for a garbage man

Garbage collectors in Newport can make up to $85,000 a year if they work overtime on top of their base salary.

When compared to Orange County’s average pay of $52,000—which does not include benefits such as health coverage, paid time off, or pension plans—this is an extremely attractive offer.

Salary for a Garbage Man: Job Duties

An individual who is employed by a municipality to collect waste along designated routes and may more accurately be referred to as a garbage collector or sanitation worker is commonly referred to as a garbage man or woman.

A person who collects garbage will take the trash from residential, commercial, or industrial places, and they will also empty the containers’ contents onto the truck. After the garbage has been gathered up, the vehicle will then be driven to a designated depot, which could be a facility for incinerating garbage or a recycling factory. Everything that can be reused or recycled is kept, while everything else is burned in an incinerator. After the garbage has been burned, it is thrown into a landfill where it waits to be covered over with dirt at some point in the future.

Physical Requirements

In order to have a career as a garbage collector, one needs to be in good physical shape because they may be required to move big objects. Additionally, one needs to enjoy working outside in a variety of climates and conditions. Because garbage collectors typically begin their shifts very early in the morning, it is imperative that they are able to adapt well to working odd hours.

A person who works as a garbage man or woman needs to be able to operate huge vehicles. Additionally, they may occasionally be expected to work alone without any supervision, which means that they need to be self-motivated and able to finish their chores within a predetermined amount of time. There are opportunities for employment in this profession present in both the commercial and public sectors.

It is essential that you enjoy working outside because you will be required to work outside in all kinds of weather because people expect their garbage to be collected on a consistent basis. Additionally, you must not mind getting a little bit dirty because garbage can frequently spill out of garbage bags, and you will be required to work outside in all kinds of weather. Your place of employment is responsible for providing you with safety gear such as goggles, gloves, and boots with steel toes, as well as reflective clothes and hard hats.

salary for a garbage man

Educational and License Requirements

Does the salary for a garbage man depend on education? At a minimum, a high school diploma or equivalent is necessary for employment as a garbage collector, and holders of this position are also required to possess a valid commercial driver’s license (CDL). A candidate for the role of garbage collector is required to have a driver’s license that is spotless and free of any DUIs or accidents. They are required to be able to pass a check of their criminal history as well as a drug test. In addition to requiring employees to possess a valid commercial driver’s license, certain companies may also conduct their own driving tests.

Future Prospects

What are the future prospects for salary for a garbage man? Garbage collectors not only bring in a respectable compensation but also have a wage growth rate that is higher than the national average. Ever since the recession of 2009, salaries for trash workers across the country have increased by 18 percent, which is significantly faster than the average increase of 14 percent for all workers.

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This is because it is difficult to locate people willing to work in the industry. Employers are having trouble finding suitable individuals to fill positions such as truck drivers, landfill operators, and mechanics.

Some waste management employers say that they may get 50 applications for an advertised garbage truck driver’s job. Of those 50 applications, only a few may have a commercial driver’s license, and some or all of that number may have penalties on their licenses. 

Because there is a shortage of accessible personnel, several waste management companies in the field have been forced to dole out raises at a rate that is far higher than the average rate seen across the country.

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