queen naija's net worth

Queen Naija’s Net Worth

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What could be Queen Naija’s net worth? R&B singer and media personality Queen Naija hails from the United States of America. Her wealth at the moment is estimated to be 520 thousand dollars, and she has 2.7 thousand subscribers to her channel on YouTube, which has amassed a total of 150 million views in 2018. It has the potential to generate between 630,00 and 650,000 views per day from a variety of sources, which should result in an average daily revenue of approximately $1,500.

Queen Naija’s video on YouTube generates roughly $180,000 in annual advertising revenue because to the fact that she has nearly 4.6 million subscribers to her channel on YouTube. Due to this, it is anticipated that when all of the cash she has made from her many music businesses is totaled up, her net worth would amount to 4.5 million dollars.

Queen Naija’s Net Worth: Biography

The 17th of October, 1995 found Queen Naija being born in the city of Ypsilanti, in the state of Michigan. She has said that “Arab, Black, and Italian” are all parts of her heritage, but she has also mentioned that she has some degree of Indian lineage, but she is unsure of how much of it she has. Yemen is where her father comes from.

Her mother dubbed her Queen Naija as her birth name when she was a baby. Her grandmother, who also shared the same first name, was the source of inspiration for the name “Queen,” and the name “Naija” was chosen to reflect her father’s name.

Queen Naija’s Net Worth: Career

Queen Naija came to the public’s attention for the first time when she participated in the thirteenth season of American Idol. She had tried out for the role two years prior, but she was not successful in moving on to the following round. She made it to the Hollywood round during the thirteenth season of the competition, however she was eliminated before the top 30 were chosen. After that, Queen Naija went straight back to her previous job as a security guard. After that, she continued to develop her YouTube channel and her profession.

The song “Medicine” by Queen Naija was released in December of 2017, while her second single, “Karma,” was released in June of 2018.

In January 2018, Queen Naija collaborated with Genius on a video interview for the music video of the song “Medicine.” Queen held several meetings with record labels alongside her team and management, and she videotaped some of these encounters on her YouTube channel. By the time March 2018 rolled around, Queen’s initial song post of “Medicine” had received more than 10 million views. Later on throughout that month, an official music video was made available. On the day that the video was initially published, it had 4.5 million views, and as of December 2019, it has received over 150 million views. In July of 2018, Queen Naija and her new lover, Clarence White, launched a new joint YouTube channel under the name “Royal Family.” As of the month of March in 2021, the channel has 2.79 million subscribers.

queen naija's net worth

The 25th of April, 2018 saw Queen Naija ink a deal with Capitol Records. Her second single, titled “Karma,” was released on June 28 of this year. During the month of January in 2018, she penned and recorded the song. On the same day, the song climbed to the top spot overall on the charts maintained by iTunes. On the Billboard Digital Songs sales chart, “Karma” debuted at position number 13, and on the Billboard Hot 100, it debuted at position number 63. As of March 2021, the audio file for the song had accumulated more than 116 million views.

On July 27, 2018, Queen Naija released the extended play version of her self-titled album. The album contains the tracks “Medicine,” “Karma,” “Mama’s Hand,” “Butterflies,” and “Bad Boy.” No I.D., El Jefe, Rob Grimaldi, 30 Hertz Beats, and ClickNPress are among the producers whose work is featured on this project. Queen referred to the extended play as a “emotional journey” in which each song details either an experience or an emotion that she has been through. The songs touch on a variety of subjects, such as experiencing heartbreak and betrayal, becoming a mother, and falling in love all over again. The song “Medicine” is about her sadness and the feelings she has toward her ex-partner, while the song “Karma” is about how she overcame her heartbreak while simultaneously conveying the message that she will be okay. The song “Mama’s Hand” is a dedication to the author’s kid; in it, she encourages him to think positively about the future and makes the promise that she will give him everything. The song “Butterflies” suggests that she is starting to fall in love with someone else for the second time. The song “Bad Boy” recounts her relationship with a new partner and how her positive influence on him may lead to positive growth in the future. The extended play made its debut at position number 26 on the Billboard 200 chart and then climbed its way to the top of the R&B charts on Apple Music.

The first song taken from Queen Naija’s debut album was titled “Pack Lite,” and it was released on July 24, 2020. On July 31, a music video accompanying the song was made available online. On October 2, Queen disseminated their new single, “Lie to Me,” which featured Lil Durk. The matching music video for the song was released by Queen on October 5th. This track incorporates a sample from DeBarge’s “A Dream.” Missunderstood was Queen Naija’s first studio album, and it was released on October 30. The album consists of 18 tracks and comprises music from a variety of musicians, including Jacquees, Toosii, Mulatto, Pretty Vee, Russ, Lucky Daye, and Kiana Ledé, among others. The RIAA has awarded the album’s three singles with the “Gold” certification. On April 16, 2021, the deluxe edition of the album that was titled Missunderstood…Still and featured J.I. the Prince of New York and Ari Lennox was made available for purchase. At the 2021 American Music Awards (AMA), which took place on October 28, 2021, Missunderstood received a nomination. Queen kicked up her second tour, the tiny Butterfly Tour, in 19 locations throughout the United States on her 26th birthday, October 17, 2021. Special guest Tink joined her on this leg of the tour.

Life and Relationships

At the time of their marriage, Queen was married to Christopher Sails, who was a prominent blogger. In 2013, when they were both seniors in high school, they made their initial connection at a basketball game. In April of this year, they first started seeing one other as a couple (2013). They had been seeing each other for a total of four years prior to making the decision to be married to one another. After a long-distance love affair, the year 2017 was the year that finally brought them together as husband and wife. They were happy in their roles as parents, and so was their son Christopher Jr. However, despite the fact that they were overjoyed, their enjoyment did not last for very long. In 2017, they made the decision to part ways.

Their separation was made public through the reporting of the media, and it garnered a lot of attention. Chris came clean and acknowledged that he had been unfaithful to Queen with the assistance of another individual. She stated that following the divorce, she will not be pursuing any new romantic relationships for the foreseeable future. She also gave the impression that she was going to put her attention on her work life. Despite this, it has come to light that she is currently associated with Clarence White as a romantic partner.

The words to the song tell the story of her mental and emotional state, as well as Chris’s infidelity and her desire for revenge against him. The word “Medicine” was coined with the specific intention of igniting a heated debate and amassing a large number of devoted fans.

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