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net worth phil collins

Musician Phil Collins is estimated to have a net worth total of $300 million

Philip David Charles Collins is a musician from England who plays the drums, sings, writes songs, and produces records. He is also an actor. In addition to his work as a solo artist, he was the drummer and lead singer for the rock band Genesis. In his solo career, Collins achieved three number-one singles in the UK and seven number-one singles in the US between the years 1982 and 1989.

As a solo artist and as a member of Genesis, Phil Collins has, to this day, been responsible for the sale of more than one hundred million albums across the globe. His wealth is estimated to be 300 million dollars.

In 2012, it was estimated that Collins was the second wealthiest drummer in the world, with Ringo Starr being the wealthiest drummer in the world. According to the Sunday Times Rich List of 2018, Collins was one of the 25 wealthiest people working in the British music industry. His fortune was estimated to be £120 million at the time of the list’s publication.


On the 30th of January, 1951, Philip David Charles Collins was born in Putney Hospital, which is located in southwest London. His mother, Winifred June Collins, worked in a toy shop and later as a booking agent at the Barbara Speake Stage School, which is an independent performing arts school located in East Acton. His father, Greville Philip Austin Collins, was an insurance agent for London Assurance. Phill Collins is the youngest of three children; his brother Clive was a well-known cartoonist, and his sister Carole used to compete as a professional ice skater and followed in her mother’s footsteps as a theatrical agent. By the time Collins was two years old, his family had already relocated twice before finding a permanent home in Hounslow, Middlesex.

net worth Phil Collins

When Collins was five years old, he received a toy drum set for Christmas. Later on, his two uncles fashioned an improvised set for him out of triangles and tambourines that could be stored in a suitcase. These were eventually replaced by additional complete sets that Collins’ parents had purchased for him as he got older. He prepared himself by practicing his instrument while listening to music on the radio and television. Collins, then seven years old, participated in a talent show at a Butlin’s with his family and sang “The Ballad of Davy Crockett.” However, halfway through the song, Collins stopped the orchestra and informed them that they were playing the song in the incorrect key. Collins was initially shaped to a large extent by the music of the Beatles, particularly their drummer Ringo Starr. In addition to that, he was a fan of the less well-known London band The Action, whose drummer he tried to imitate and whose music was responsible for him discovering the soul music released by Motown and Stax Records. Collins was also influenced by jazz and big band drummer Buddy Rich. It was Rich’s perspective on the significance of the hi-hat that persuaded Collins to switch from using two bass drums to using the hi-hat instead.

Collins began taking basic piano and music lessons from his father’s aunt when he was around twelve years old. He first learned to play the drums from Lloyd Ryan, and later he learned from Frank King. Collins never learned to read or write musical notation, so he came up with his own system instead. This was a decision that he later came to regret making.

Nelson Primary School was where Collins received his early education up until he turned eleven years old. He was given admission to Chiswick County Grammar School, where he quickly became interested in football and formed The Real Thing, a school band that included Andrea Bertorelli, who would later become his wife, and his friend Lavinia Lang, who sang backup vocals. Collins’s private life in later years would be influenced in some way by both of these women. Collins then joined a band called The Freehold, with whom he collaborated on the composition of his first song, “Lying, Crying, Dying,” and also played in a band called The Charge.

Net Worth Phil Collins: Career

In 1970, Collins joined the band Genesis, which at the time had already issued two albums, and began performing as the group’s drummer. During his time with Genesis, he was also a backing vocalist for Peter Gabriel, who was the band’s front man. However, he was given the opportunity to sing lead vocals on two songs: “For Absent Friends” from the album “Nursery Cryme” released in 1971 and “More Fool Me” from the album “Selling England by the Pound” released in 1973.

Collins took over as the group’s vocalist following Peter Gabriel’s departure from the band.

Collins left Genesis in March of 1996 so that he could concentrate on his own solo music instead and this started the net worth Phil Collins journey. Although he was still a member of Genesis, he had already begun releasing his own solo work in addition to his work with the band at the same time. “Face Value” was released in 1981, “Hello, I must Be Going!” was released in 1982, “No Jacket Required” was released in 1985, “…But Seriously” was released in 1989, and “Both Sides” was released in 1989. (1993). After he left the band, he went on to form the Phil Collins Big Band, in which he played the drums. They went from city to city playing jazzy tunes, as well as renditions of Genesis songs and Collin’s own compositions. It was his sixth solo studio album and it was released in October of 1996 under the title “Dance into the Light.” Despite the fact that it reached No. 4 in the UK charts and No. 23 in the US charts, it received a negative response from the music press and performed worse commercially than any of his previous solo albums.


Collins has been through the marriage and divorce process three times in his life. His first wife’s name was Andrea Bertorelli, and they were married from 1975 until 1980. They were actually classmates in a drama class in London, where they first met when they were 11 years old. The first time they performed together was when they were 11. They eventually ran into each other again at a Genesis concert in Vancouver, which is where their relationship officially began. They have one child together, Simon Collins, who was the vocalist and drummer for the rock band Sound of Contact in its earlier days.

Jill Tavelman was his second wife, and their union lasted from 1984 until 1996. According to reports, Collins was required to pay Tavelman $25 million as part of the settlement for their divorce. They have one child together, the actress Lily Collins, who is their only child.

Orianne Cevey was his third wife, and their marriage lasted from 1999 until 2008. Collins was required to pay Cevey $45 million as part of the settlement for their divorce. They are the parents of two sons as a couple.

After that, he had a long-term relationship with the American news anchor Dana Tyler, which lasted from 2007 until 2016. After the couple broke up, he relocated to Miami, where Cevey was living with their two sons at the time. After that, he allegedly got in touch with Cevey again.

But more trouble continued later…


Following his retirement and third divorce, Collins admitted in his autobiography that he had struggled with an alcohol problem. Collins’s autobiography was published in 2016. In addition to that, he mentioned that he had been clean for the past three years.

net worth Phil Collins
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In January of 2017, Collins disclosed that he was a type 2 diabetic and had been treated in a hyperbaric chamber after developing a diabetic abscess on his foot that subsequently became infected. Collins made these revelations. In June of 2017, Collins was forced to postpone two performances as a result of an accident that occurred in his hotel room during the night. He slipped and fell, hitting his head on a chair as he fell, which resulted in a severe cut close to his eye that required stitches. His drop foot, which had developed as a result of the back surgery he had, was ultimately what led to the fall.

In 2017, Collins started walking with the assistance of a cane and began performing on stage while seated in a chair rather than standing.

Net Worth Phil Collins: Property

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