Dallas Police Chief Salary

Just How Is the Dallas Police Chief Salary Earned?

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Some may wonder about the Dallas Police Chief salary and how it’s earned.  We will discuss that in this article.

Dallas Police Chief Ulisha R. Hall

Out of the approximately 3,003 employees of the Dallas Police Department, Ulisha Renee Hall has reached the highest rank of Dallas Police Chief and is the current person that earns the Dallas Police Chief salary as of 2019.  She earns $223,909.00 or more in yearly compensation.

dallas police chief salary

At the time she ran for this office, she made history by being one of three women of minority status running for this office.

The other candidates were unique in their own right:  Lupe Valdez, who was the first openly lesbian Texas Sheriff and Faith Johnson, who was the first Black female District Attorney of Dallas.


Ulisha Hall, who had been an 18-year Detroit Police Department veteran, was named the 29th head of the Dallas Police Department July 2017, the first female in the department’s history to take the point. She started her term as the head of the division September 2017.

With more than 18 years of law enforcement experience, her previous position was Deputy Chief of Police in the City of Detroit.

According to the Texas Monthly, Regina Hall mentions that she at first did not want to be a policewoman, but instead was aiming to become a lawyer or even a Supreme Court judge.

Her path changed though when she was in graduate school and met a police chief from Detroit. He convinced her that she had the capacity to be awesome police officer, so she followed that path instead after much encouragement.

Ms. Hall has had tragedy in her life. Her father was also a Detroit police officer, but was murdered when he was 27.

This was the catalyst that made her pursue law enforcement career as a career option in the first place. Ulisha’s mother initially did not want her to go into law enforcement, but eventually got her full support.

Under Ms. Hall’s leadership of the Dallas Police Department, she has sought to make the police department leaner by reducing executive level numbers to gain more community engagement.

She states that since the department is much more accountable, she wants to be able to respond to complaints more quickly from the public and from the city managers.


Dallas police chief U. Hall recently gained national attention after policeman Amber Guyger tragically and mistakenly killed her neighbor, Botham Jean, who she thought was in her apartment.

Some in public wondered why Guyger was not quickly made known to the nation. Others in the community commended the Dallas Police Department for fully investigating the case and bringing the matter to light.

At the initial news conference right after the shooting. Ms Hall’s public statement was: “Right now there are more questions than answers.”

She also stated that she had already talked to Jean’s sister and expressed condolences on behalf of the Dallas Police Department.  She also stated that she would like to thank all of the officers involved in this investigation and that the city of Dallas has been working hard to make sure that the officers involved in this investigation are treated with respect and dignity.

We have a great team of law enforcement officers who will be working tirelessly to ensure that our community is safe, secure and protected, she stated.

Ulisha Hall, along with the city of Dallas has been committed to providing outstanding service and support its community in the areas of crime prevention, public safety and law enforcement. 


It is the ultimate duty of any police chief to enforce the law of the city. They are responsible for community relations, policing of the community, and protecting the community.  They need to at the same time ensure that the community’s safety is respected in every aspect of life.

Being a police woman can be difficult. How can one cope? Below is one woman’s experience:

Other responsibilities include being involved in budgetary and administrative functions as well as personnel management, overall departmental and organizational development. 

A police chief usually reports to an elected city official such as the City Mayor. He or she devises specific strategies and objectives to make the department run smoothly. Therefore, deep knowledge of all facets of the police department they oversee is vital 


This position requires at minimum a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from an accredited college and requires sufficient law enforcement experience of at least 10 years.

Ulisha Hall actually holds a Master’s Degree in Security Administration and Intelligence Analysis along with a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Grambling State University.

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