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How Much Does Esthetician Make?

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How much does esthetician make yearly? As of the year 2019, estheticians, who are also known as aestheticians and skincare professionals, earned a median annual salary of $34,090, equivalent to an hourly wage of $16.39. The number of jobs is projected to expand by 17 percent between the years 2019 and 2029, indicating that considerable expansion of the field is anticipated.

how much do esthetician make

In 2019, estheticians that work in physicians’ offices, such as medical and nurse estheticians, were generally paid the most, with an average hourly wage of $19.80. This was the case across the board. On the other hand, estheticians who work in the travel or hospitality industries typically receive the lowest pay, with an average hourly wage of $13.67.

Those that are successful in the field of esthetics can make a lot of money: As of 2019, the top 10 percent of estheticians in terms of salary earn more than $30 per hour, while the worst 10 percent of estheticians in terms of salary received less than $9.85 an hour.

Esthetician Salary Determining Factors

To answer the question, how much do esthetician make depends on some determining factors. The amount of money that an aesthetician makes depends on their level of expertise, in addition to the location of their place of employment and the amount that they are paid there. Because estheticians typically own multiple upscale salons that serve clients who are financially secure, they are in a better financial position to pay their workers more salaries than salons located in rural areas. The gratuities that estheticians receive from their clients might also lead to an increase in their income.

how much do esthetician make

Your profits will be affected, to some degree, by the decision you make regarding whether to work for a company, as an independent contractor, or as a “booth renter.” Aestheticians who work independently have the potential to bring in an annual income of $52,100 on average, albeit this figure is highly dependent on the volume of repeat customers they maintain. In certain salons, the staff is compensated on a commission basis for activities such as up-selling retail products, up-selling premium services, and persuading customers to make their next appointment before they leave the salon. After working hard to establish a strong reputation in the industry and cultivating a prosperous business, an esthetician who works independently may be able to bring in an annual income of more than $100,000.

Job Duties

To answer the question, how much do esthetician make also depends on how the esthetician carries out the job duties. Facials, full-body treatments, and massages for the head and neck are some of the services that skincare specialists offer to improve the health of the skin and its beauty. When it comes to skin care, certain establishments may offer additional treatments such as peels, masks, and scrubs in order to remove dead or dry skin.

In addition, skincare professionals will develop daily skincare regimens for their customers based on a study of their skin, and they will also assist their clients in determining which skincare products will be most effective for them. A increasing number of professionals are currently engaged in the business of actively selling skincare products like cleansers, lotions, and creams.

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People who own their own salons are responsible for a variety of administrative tasks, including the recruitment, termination, and supervision of employees, the maintenance of business and inventory records, the ordering of supplies, and the coordination of advertising.

  • Assess the skin condition and overall attractiveness of your customers.
  • Discuss the many treatments that are available and figure out which goods will make the customers’ skin better.
  • Remove unwanted hair by waxing, shaving, or utilizing one of the various procedures that are allowed.
  • Before wearing makeup, thoroughly cleanse the skin and consider using skin care products such as cleansers, lotions, or creams.
  • Clients should be instructed and advised on how to properly apply makeup, as well as how to properly care for their skin.
  • In the event that a client is experiencing severe skin issues, you should refer them to another skincare specialist, such as a dermatologist.
  • Disinfect the tools, and thoroughly clean the workspace.

Education and Licensing

Crop beautician applying mask on face of Asian client

Skincare specialists often graduate from a cosmetology or esthetician program that has been approved by the state. The majority of people get their training from postsecondary vocational schools, even if certain secondary schools do provide vocational education programs. A State Regulation Guide is available from the group Associated Skin Care Professionals. This guide details the minimum number of necessary hours that must be fulfilled in order to graduate from a cosmetology program.

In order to obtain a state license as a skincare expert, candidates must first finish an accredited degree in cosmetology or esthetics, then complete both a written and practical exam. Because the conditions for obtaining a license differ from state to state, anyone interested should get in touch with the relevant state board.

Sample questions and contact information for state licensing examinations can be found on the website maintained by the National-Interstate Council of State Boards of Cosmetology. In addition to offering information on state tests, the Professional Beauty Association and the American Association of Cosmetology Schools provide links to additional professional resources and provide access to the same material.

Continuing education classes and programs are available in a number of jurisdictions, and they are meant to keep skin care professionals up to date on the latest methods and products. Post-licensing training is also offered by manufacturers, associations, and at trade shows, among other venues.

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