How Much Does a Construction Worker Make?

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How much does a construction worker make? The correct response is contingent on factors such as education, experience, and geographical location. The compensation data that is published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) indicates that the typical median salary is approximately $37,520, and the hourly wage is approximately $18.04.  

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The amount of experience a person has is another factor that can have an effect on their salary. A construction worker who is just starting out can expect an annual salary of slightly more than $21,000, according to a study that was done by Career Explorer. A construction worker who is considered to be of mid-level experience makes significantly more, with an average compensation of roughly $32,000. In the meanwhile, an experienced construction worker might expect an annual salary of more than $47,000.

How Much Does a Construction Worker Make: Job Duties

Construction laborers and helpers are employed on virtually every construction site, where they are responsible for a diverse array of activities ranging in degree of difficulty from very simple to exceedingly challenging and hazardous.

Construction workers, who are often referred to as construction craft laborers, are those who work in all aspects of the construction industry and undertake a wide variety of tasks connected to construction. A significant portion of a laborer’s day is dedicated to preparing and cleaning up building sites using various implements, such as shovels and brooms. Other workers, such as those who work on road crews, may choose to specialize in a certain area and learn how to control traffic patterns as well as operate equipment such as surveying tools, pavement breakers, and jackhammers.

Laborers who have received specialized training may be able to assist in the transportation and usage of explosives, as well as operate hydraulic boring equipment to dig out tunnels. It’s possible that they’ll learn how to position pipes using lasers and operate robotic pipe cutters with the help of computers. They might get licensed to remove asbestos, lead, or chemicals, among other things.

Construction craftworkers, such as electricians and carpenters, need assistance with a range of jobs. Helpers provide that assistance. They can be asked to carry tools and materials or assist with the assembly of equipment. For instance, a large number of assistants labor with cement masons to move and place the forms that decide the shape of the concrete that is poured. A large number of other helpers assist with disassembling equipment, cleaning up areas, and getting rid of waste, in addition to assisting craftworkers with any other needs that may arise.

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Some additional Job duties

Clear away any debris and eliminate any potential dangers on construction sites before work begins.

Construction work requiring loading or unloading of materials for use in building

Construct or dismantle temporary bracing, scaffolding, and other structures as necessary.

In order to get ready for the construction, dig trenches, fill in holes, and compact the ground.

Perform tasks involving the operation of, or maintenance on, construction machinery and equipment

Ensure that you adhere to the building plans and any instructions given to you by supervisors or workers with more expertise.

Help the craftspeople with their responsibilities.

Future Prospects

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From 2016 through 2026, the BLS forecasts that the job market for construction workers will continue to expand at a rate that is much greater than the average for all other industries. This new invention is a consequence of efforts made to alleviate the shortage of competent people in the industry.

According to the findings of a survey that was carried out by Autodesk and the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC), 66 percent of construction companies have increased the basic rates of pay for their employees. Another 29 percent of companies have begun to offer bonuses and incentives in an effort to attract new employees. Construction employees can anticipate an increase in their compensation whenever there is a larger demand for personnel who possess the necessary qualifications.

In the United States, factors such as education, level of competence, and area of interest all have a role in determining construction worker salaries. Keep reading if you wish to obtain further information.

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