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How Much Do Bus Drivers Make

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How much do bus drivers make yearly? According to the most recent statistics on the labor market, a bus driver in the United States may expect to make an average of $37,540 per year in addition to an average hourly wage of $18.05 per hour.

Although ZipRecruiter has seen hourly pay as high as $26.44 and as low as $7.93, the bulk of Bus Driver salaries are now ranging between $12.98 (25th percentile) and $18.75 (75th percentile) across the United States. There may be numerous prospects for development and increased compensation dependent on skill level, location, and years of experience because the average salary range for a Bus Driver varies substantially (by as much as $5.77), which shows that there may be a lot of room for progress.

What is the typical pay for a school bus driver in a larger suburban area like San Francisco, California? As of June 2022, the normal compensation range for school bus drivers in San Francisco, California is between $36,570 and $55,208, with the average salary coming in at $45,308.

How Much Do Bus Drivers Make: Job Duties

Bus drivers are responsible for driving the vehicles that transport people from one location to another. There are a wide variety of bus drivers, from those who operate public transit to those who operate school buses. A driver’s responsibilities can change based on the type of vehicle they operate.

In order to drive a bus legally, drivers need to receive a particular license from the government. Before being able to get their license, it is also customarily expected of them to have completed training courses in a classroom setting. Because bus drivers’ general health and especially their vision are so important to their jobs, some jurisdictions require them to have regular checkups. Before an individual may be hired by a number of companies, particularly as a school bus driver, they may be required to first pass a drug test and a background check, both of which must produce negative results.

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The responsibilities of a bus driver change depending on the kind of bus that they are operating. There is a possibility that a school bus driver will have a morning shift and an afternoon shift during which they will transport students along a predetermined route. These bus drivers may also be responsible for driving kids on field trips, which includes picking up a class of students and transporting them to and from the destination of the field trip.

Bus drivers for public transportation also have a set route, although in most cases, it covers a significantly greater distance. A bus driver’s route typically includes a number of stops, each of which requires them to keep an eye out for passengers waiting there. They are responsible for collecting tickets from passengers and providing answers to enquiries regarding the route taken by the bus. Here are some other tasks bus drivers do:

Transport a variety of people, along with the bus, in accordance with a predetermined itinerary and set of time constraints.

Answer inquiries regarding the services offered, the routes, and the prices, as well as operate the bus in a skilled and safe manner.

Learn to read the time schedules, street signs, traffic signs, head signs, and directions printed on the bus pass.

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Keep up positive connections with the general public, make passengers aware of stops, and direct and regulate traffic.

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