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Gas Station Free Air Locations

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Is there such a thing as gas station free air locations? Are you looking for a place near you to put air in your tires for free? A stop at the gas station closest to your home is often a good place to begin. Why not fill up your tires with air while you’re there getting fuel if you’re already going to be there?

And uhh… since air is free, you should also be able to get free air for your vehicle, right?

Unfortunately, it is now more difficult to locate free air for tires than it was in the past. There is only one gas station that we are aware of within a radius of 2 miles from our home that still provides free air for customers. While some states mandate that all gas stations provide free air, the vast majority of states do not. Some gas stations in states that do not require it, such as Cali, may offer free air on a voluntary basis; however, the majority of gas stations do not. And the use of paid air compressors at gas stations can be highway robbery at a rate of $1–2 per fill (under the stress of having to rush before you time out). provides a map that users have contributed to that shows gas stations in their area that allow customers to use their air compressors for free. Bear in mind that it is user-generated, so some of the locations may no longer offer free air and some stations may not have been added yet. Additionally, some of the locations may have been removed entirely.

In this blog post, we’re going to discuss ways that you can get free air for your tires in the following paragraphs, including gas stations with air pumps, tire shops that offer air, and other cost-free options for maintaining the pressure in your tires.

Gas Station Free Air Locations

1. Sunoco

Our first gas station free air location is Sunoco. More than 5,000 stores can be found across more than 30 states under the Sunoco brand. At certain Sunoco stations, you are able to fill up your tires with free air. At Sunoco locations, you’ll also find a wide selection of other products and services available for purchase.

For instance, kerosene can be purchased at a number of their stores, and some of their stores also cash checks. Because each store is run by its own proprietor, the best way to find out what services are available at a particular location is to call that store directly and ask.

2. Texaco

A 2nd gas station free air location is Texaco. There are approximately 1,300 Texaco stations across the United States, and some of them offer complimentary air for your vehicle’s tires. There are gas stations that sell kerosene as well.

3. Speedway 

There are approximately 3,900 Speedway gas stations and convenience stores located across the United States. At select Speedway locations, you are able to get free air for your vehicle’s tires. Additionally, kerosene can be purchased at the pumps of certain stores.

Because most Speedway locations are open around the clock, you can always get air for your tires no matter what time of day it is.

4. Shell

At select locations, Shell provides customers with complimentary air conditioning. There are approximately 25,000 gas stations owned by Shell located across the United States. Therefore, it’s highly likely that there is a gas station in your neighborhood that provides free use of its air pumps. Check cashing services are available at many different Shell locations.

It is recommended that you get in touch with your local station in order to inquire about the goods and services it offers because many stations are privately owned.

5. RaceTrac 

RaceTrac operates over 550 convenience stores in seven southern states, including the following locations:

  • Alabama
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Louisiana
  • Mississippi
  • Tennessee
  • Texas

At certain RaceTrac locations, it is possible to get free air.

6. QuikTrip

In the United States, QuickTrip has 919 locations, including stores in the following locations:

  • Alabama
  • Arizona
  • Arkansas
  • Georgia
  • Illinois
  • Iowa
  • Kansas
  • Louisiana
  • Missouri
  • Nebraska
  • North Carolina (US state)
  • Oklahoma
  • South Carolina (Scotland)
  • Tennessee
  • Texas

At any QuikTrip location, you can fill up your tank for free.

7. Chevron

There are approximately 8,000 Chevron and Texaco retail stations across the United States are stocked with the company’s wares for consumers to purchase. There are some locations that are owned by the company, while others are operated as franchises.

8  Citgo

The convenience store chain Citgo operates over 4,600 outlets across the United States. At certain of its locations, you are able to obtain free air.


Within the United States, there are 1,700 different Conoco stations. If you live in Colorado, there is a good chance that there is a station in close proximity to your home. Conoco has 382 locations in the state of Colorado, which accounts for 22% of their total number of locations across the United States. At some of its stations, Conoco provides customers with free air. In certain locations, it is also possible to cash checks and purchase kerosene.

10 ExxonMobil

In the United States, there are over 12,000 ExxonMobil service stations and retail outlets. There are some places that provide free air. In addition, certain ExxonMobil stations offer the ability to purchase ice and cash checks. Additionally, a number of ExxonMobil locations are open around the clock.

11 BP Gas Station

America is home to more than 7,200 BP and ARCO-branded service stations and retail locations. Therefore, it’s highly likely that there is a gas station in the vicinity of where you are. It’s convenient that BP stations are open around the clock. Additionally, the store sells newspapers, so if you are interested in reading one, you can purchase one while you are there if you so choose.

12 7-Eleven

More than 9,500 7-Eleven convenience stores can be found spread across the United States. It provides a variety of services, including check cashing and money orders, at a number of its locations as well.

13 76 Gas Station

76 is a well-known chain of gas station convenience stores.

Tire Shops Free Air Locations

If you are searching for gas station free air locations, that is a good place to start to get free air. However, there are other choices, like tire shops. There are a lot of tire shops that give away free air.

In order to receive free air from some shops, you will first need to have purchased your tires from that particular store. However, there are some that will check your tire pressure for free regardless of whether or not you purchased your tires from them.

The following are some tire shops that will check the air pressure in your tires and provide free air:

gas station free air- car mechanic filling tire with air

Pep Boys

Pep Boys is yet another location that offers a free check of the air pressure in your tires. Pep Boys operates over a thousand stores across the United States and Puerto Rico, with a total of nine thousand service bays.

2 National Tire and Battery Corporation (NTB)

NTB operates over 600 locations across 26 different states. You can get a free check of the tire air pressure by taking your vehicle into the nearest NTB location and bringing the receipt in.

Just Tires

Just Tires will check the air pressure in your tires at no cost to you. In addition to that, before readjusting the pressure in your tires to the correct level, it will first examine them for any signs of damage.

4  Discount Tire & Rubber Co.

In addition to being one of the best places to purchase tires, Discount Tire is also a good place to go to get free air for your tires. There are 1,092 stores located in 36 states, so there is a good chance that one of them is located near you.

It is not usually necessary to have purchased your tires from Discount Tire in order to take advantage of the business’s complimentary air fill service for tires.

If you go to the store near you, they will check the pressure of the air in your tires and fill them up for free. They will complete this service without even requiring you to step foot outside of your vehicle. At Discount Tire, getting free air for your tires doesn’t even require you to be a customer, as I’ve mentioned in a previous sentence.

Kum & Go

Nearly 400 stores can be found under the Kum & Go brand. You can find a Kum & Go store in 11 different states, including Iowa, Arkansas, Colorado, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, and Wyoming. Other states in which you can find Kum & Go stores are:

Kwip Trip/Kwik Star

Kwik Trip operates over 800 convenience stores across the states of Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, and Illinois. Kwik Trip is the name used for stores throughout Wisconsin and Minnesota, while Kwik Star is the name used for stores in Iowa and Illinois. At certain locations, in addition to being able to purchase ice, you can also get free air there.

Other Great Free Air Locations

1. If you live the states of California or Connecticut, just ask!

Free tire inflation is a public service that is mandated by law at gas stations in the states of California and Connecticut. This indicates that if you live in one of those states, all you have to do to receive free air is make the request.

In the state of California, getting free air typically requires you to be a paying customer at the establishment. Therefore, make sure that you also fill up the tank. Additionally, depending on the compressor, you may be required to make a payment before the cashier will turn the compressor on for you. Simply making the request will prompt the cashier to manually activate the air conditioner, as this action is mandated by law.

2. Pay a visit to the shop where you had your tires mounted.

There are times when the tire shop that installed your tires will give you free air for your tires. Simply go back to the shop where you had your tires installed and inquire as to whether or not they provide complimentary air fills.

3. Have the oil in your vehicle changed.

If you are going to the shop to get the oil changed on your car, then while you are there, ask if they will provide free air for your tires as well. Simply asking for free air for your tires is often all that is required at establishments that also perform oil changes.

4. Pay a visit to the RV Parking Lots.

There are RV and camper-specific filling lanes at some gas stations, particularly those located close to major thoroughfares. It’s possible that some of these lanes have their very own air pump that’s completely free to use.

People who drive sedans or SUVs are allowed to use these lanes, despite the fact that they were designed specifically for larger vehicles such as RVs, campers, large trucks, and 18-wheelers. Therefore, in order to get free air for your tires, you might be able to use the RV lanes.

5. Check with the car wash in your immediate area.

Free tire air pumps are available at a good number of the local car washes. This includes locations that offer both hand washing and automatic washing of vehicles. Therefore, the next time you take your vehicle to get washed, make it a point to inquire about the availability of free air at the facility.

6. Check with your local dealership.

Numerous automobile dealerships give away freebies to customers who purchase vehicles as a method of cultivating customer loyalty. This includes services such as free checkups and refills of fluids, as well as free air for car tires and free washes for vehicles.

The service bay at the majority of dealerships for luxury automobiles, such as Mercedes, BMW, Lexus, Audi, and Porsche, is equipped to air up customers’ tires upon request. In addition, they will do this for buyers of both new and pre-owned automobiles.

Many recently purchased automobiles, whether new or used, will come with some period of free maintenance for the first few months after purchase. Additionally, this may include car and truck roadside assistance, as well as a nearby location where tires can be inflated.

Preventive Tire Care

Keeping your vehicle’s tires at the correct level of inflation is extremely vital, to continue with the gas analogy. Did you know that a vehicle with tires that are under-inflated can have a negative impact on the fuel efficiency of the vehicle?

Insufficiently inflated tires can reduce a vehicle’s gas mileage by approximately 2 percent for every 1 psi drop in the average tire pressure for all your tires, as stated by the United States Department of Energy (DOE).

According to the department, you can improve your gas mileage by an average of 0.6%, which is the equivalent of saving $0.02/gallon in savings on gasoline, and in some cases, you can improve it by up to 3% if you keep your tires inflated to the proper pressure.

In addition to reducing the tire’s lifespan and increasing the rate at which it wears out, underinflated tires can sometimes cause the wheel that they are mounted on to become damaged.

If you maintain the correct air pressure in your tires, they will last longer, which will reduce the funds spent on new tires. Additionally, you will get better mileage, which will reduce the amount of money you spend on gas. And I think it’s safe to say that all of us are looking for ways to cut costs wherever we can, right?

Don’t be afraid to do it on your own, even if the thought of it makes you nervous. It is simple to accomplish. There is a short video on that will walk you through how to check the pressure in your tires and how to inflate them on your own.

If you want to be certain that you are inflating your tires to the correct PSI, you might need to invest in a tire pressure gauge. Alternatively, the air pump you use might have a digital display that indicates when your tires have reached the appropriate air pressure.

You can find the recommended PSI either on the inside of the door that leads to the driver’s side or in the owner’s manual.

So, exactly where can you pump air into your tires, and is there anywhere that you can do this without spending any money?

Invest in a Handheld Air Compressor and Put It to Work as a Tire Inflator

I would highly recommend that you purchase a portable air compressor to use as a tire inflator and store it in your car. After conducting a few searches on Amazon, I was able to locate the very highly rated VIAIR 85P Portable Air Compressor, which is available for purchase for the price of $55 and can be plugged directly into the auxiliary outlet. When traveling, having access to a portable air compressor offers a great deal of flexibility and convenience. In my opinion, just because of this fact alone, the product is worth more than the price it is being asked.

The fact that almost all portable air compressors come equipped with a tire pressure gauge that displays the actual pressure in the tire as the compressor is being used to fill it is a useful feature. As was mentioned earlier, the ones found in gas stations frequently do not.

gas station free air- air compressor

It’s Possible That You Already Own a Portable Air Compressor That’s Free.

This is the point in the story where the character demonstrates humility. When I was looking through the reviews on Amazon to determine which was the best portable air compressor to buy and keep in my trunk, I came across this great air compressor that has served me well. Above is a pic of what it looks like. Also, the following thought occurred to me:

Wait a minute! For my wife’s other vehicle, it did not come equipped with a spare tire; however, I am hoping that the trunk contains some kind of air compressor that was supplied by the manufacturer that I can utilize as a tire inflator.

I dashed out to the car in a state of excitement, yanked open the trunk, and peeled back the floor covering to reveal a portable air compressor and tire inflator. Bingo!

I bought this car for my wife 4 years ago, during which time we’ve made dozens of trips to gas stations; however, we’ve never once realized that we already had a much more convenient solution stashed away in the trunk of our own vehicle! Remember this important lesson: if you have recently purchased a vehicle that does not come equipped with a spare tire, check the trunk. It’s possible that your trunk is hiding more than just random junk; for example, you might have a portable air compressor sitting there all by itself, just waiting to be put to good use.

You can pump air into a car tire with a bike pump.

A pro trick for those who don’t mind getting sweaty and have some time on their hands: if you don’t want to buy a portable air compressor and don’t have a gas station nearby that offers free air, you can use a bike pump to fill a car tire! This trick is for those who don’t mind getting sweaty and have some time on their hands. You can also use this pump for your car tires, as it has received many positive reviews.

gas station free air- bicycle tire pump

How is it that this is even possible? For the purpose of tire inflation, bicycle tire tubes can be fitted with either a Schrader or a Presta valve. All automobile tires sold in America normally feature Schrader valves. Since bike pumps typically have a nozzle with two holes, which allows them to adapt to either type of valve, you can also use them on car tires. A word of caution: there will be a significant amount of work involved.

You can keep the bicycle pump in the trunk of your car and use it whenever you need it on either your car or bike. I will forewarn you that this approach is not for those who are easily rattled. It is not uncommon for it to take dozens or even hundreds of pumps in order to move the needle on the bike pressure gauge a few PSI. One advantage is that it does not cost anything to use the facility. Both working out and saving money on energy costs is a win-win situation, right?


You can use any one or more of these methods to get free air for your tires now that you understand how critical it is to maintain the correct level of inflation in your tires at all times. Either mark your calendar for a checkup once a month or let the occurrence of your routine oil change serve as a gentle nudge to remind you to take care of it.

If I did not have access to a sufficient number of gas stations in the area that provide complimentary air, I would not hesitate to invest in a low-priced portable air compressor that I could keep in either my car’s trunk or my garage. It is well worth it to avoid risk while saving money.

Thank you for reading our blog post on gas station free air locations. Have a good day!

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