danny masterson's net worth

Danny Masterson’s Net Worth

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What is Danny Masterson’s net worth? Danny Masterson is a well-known actor and DJ in the United States, and he now has a net worth of $8 million. Masterson has also played as a DJ under the name “DJ Mom Jeans,” however he is perhaps most known for portraying the part of Hyde in the popular sitcom “That ’70s Show.” Danny is well-known not only for his work on “That ’70s Drama,” but also for the role he had in the television show “The Ranch.”

danny masterson's net worth
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Danny Masterson’s Net Worth: Biography

Masterson was the son of Carol Masterson, who worked as a manager, and Peter Masterson, who worked as an insurance agent. Masterson was born on 3/13/1976 on Long Island, New York, but his childhood was mostly spent in Garden City, New York, as well as East Williston. Christopher Masterson, who portrayed Francis on the television show Malcolm in the Middle, is his brother and also an actor. Jordan Masterson and Alanna Masterson, who are their maternal half siblings, both have acting careers of their own. Will Masterson is Daniel Masterson’s half-brother from his father’s side of the family.

Danny Masterson’s Net Worth: Career

Masterson began her career as a child model at the age of four, and she appeared in magazine articles and television commercials beginning at the age of five. When she was eight years old, Masterson began performing in musicals as a child star, and she also began acting. As a teenager though, his singing voice had essentially “disappeared.” When he was sixteen years old, he had already acted in more than a hundred different commercials, some of which were for well-known brands such as Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes, Hardee’s, Hostess, Tang, and Clearasil.

In the early 1990s, Masterson appeared in both Beethoven’s 2nd and Cybill, in which he played the lead role of Justin. After appearing in the television series Cybil for the third and fourth seasons, Masterson decided to move on from the show and instead tried out for a show that was at first called Teenage Wasteland but was subsequently renamed That ’70s Show. Masterson’s audition was initially opposed by the original casting director for That ’70s Show, Debby Romano, due to the fact that he was a little bit older than the rest of the ensemble, but she ultimately gave in and allowed him to audition. She added that “he came in and he was just so humorous,” and that he redefined where the role was heading and made the role of Steven Hyde the “tough, funny guy.” She also stated that he changed the direction the role was headed in.

On That ’70s Show, Masterson played a starring role in each of the show’s eight seasons. Masterson’s career was begun thanks to his involvement on That ’70s Show, which also gave him the opportunity to pursue other endeavors in between tapings. After the series ended, Masterson went on to star in a number of movies and appear as a guest actor on some TV shows, including MADtv and Punk’d, among others. He served as a co-host for the Fox television program Woodstock 1999, together with Kutcher and Valderrama. In the comedy film “Yes Man” from 2008, he had a role. The Bridge to Nowhere is a drama that was released in 2009 and stars Masterson alongside his real-life wife, Bijou Phillips.

In the episode of White Collar that aired on USA Network in 2011 titled “Where There’s A Will,” Masterson appeared as a guest star in the role of James Roland. In the movie “The Chicago 8” from 2010, he played the role of Jerry Rubin.

Men At Work is a TV show that debuted on TBS in 2012 and starred Masterson, Michael Cassidy, James Lesure, and Adam Busch, among other cast members. Masterson made an appearance in the film Alter Egos, which was directed by Jordan Galland and released in 2012.

Between the years 2016 and 2018, Masterson appeared as a main cast member in the Netflix comedy series The Ranch, starring Sam Elliott, Ashton Kutcher, and Elisha Cuthbert. Because of the allegations that he had been raped and assaulted, his character was quietly written out of the series in the middle of filming the third season, which had a total of twenty episodes.

Life and Relationships

Masterson is a member of the Scientology religion. In 2004, he began a romantic relationship with Bijou Phillips; they announced their engagement in 2009 and wed on October 18, 2011. They had a daughter who was born in February of 2014, and she is their only child.

In 2017, four different women accused Masterson of sexual assault and came out with their charges. Danny disputed all of the allegations that were made against him, and the police began an inquiry into the matter. As a direct result of this information coming to light, Masterson was fired from his role on “The Ranch,” and his talent agency, United Talent Agency, broke all relations with him. More complaints were made, and in 2019, the four women who had initially accused Danny of stalking and harassing them filed a lawsuit against him and the Church of Scientology for their actions.

These women stated that they had been harassed by Scientologists in cars, recorded without their consent, and chased by Scientologists in cars. Chrissie Bixler, the wife of the well-known singer Cedric Bixler-Zavala, was one of the four women. Cedric asserted that Masterson had sexually assaulted his wife, and that Masterson’s animals were being given rat poison wrapped in raw meat rolls for some unexplained reason (presumably by members of the Church of Scientology). The specifics of these accusations are really upsetting, and they include allegations that Danny drugged women and threatened them with guns.

danny masterson's net worth
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Masterson was legally charged with the crime of rape against three different women in June of 2020. According to the allegations, the first incident occurred in 2001, while the other two took place, respectively, in 2003. The ages of these women ranged from 23 to 28, inclusive. This was the conclusion of a probe that had been going on for the previous three years, having started in 2017. In the event that Danny is found guilty, the maximum amount of time he might spend behind bars is 45 years.

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