Average AA Baseball Salary

Average AA Baseball Salary- Some Stunning Facts

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Have you ever wondered what is the average AA baseball salary? Baseball is America’s favorite pastime that has been around for 100 years.  Millions of Americans attend baseball games each year, so it would appear that baseball players are paid very well.  But that is not the case.

Baseball is America’s favorite pastime that has been around for 100 years.  Millions of Americans attend baseball games each year, so it would appear that baseball players are paid very well.  But that is not the case.

The fact is though that there are different types of baseball leagues in the United States and they all have their own rules and regulations.  Some of these leagues have a high salaries, while others do not.

The pay of an AA Baseball player is based on experience and agreements between the Major League. Players who still have not signed a Major League deal get no protection and do not receive much money at all.

The average salary for a baseball player in the AA or Minor Leagues is about $24,490.00.  This is in contrast to the Major League where for a baseball player is around $4.36 million as of 2019.

However, a baseball player in the Minor Leagues is really only just two promotions off from playing in a Major League baseball organization.  

Below is an interesting graphic showing the path a baseball player goes through to make good money:

Path to average aa baseball salary
Infographic by Mother Jones


The monthly wages for a typical Minor League baseball player starts at a monthly pay of $1150.00 for the short-season clubs, $1300.00 for low A and $1500.00 for medium A.

But note that this pay does not begin until a player is placed on a 40-man roster. The pay does rise to $50 per annum for players spending a year at the same stage.

The AA starting monthly wage is a bit higher at $1700.00 dollars and for subsequent years it increases by $100.00 dollars a month. In AAA, the starting monthly salary is $2150.00 and that increases to $2400.00 the 2nd year and then $2700.00 the 3rd year. 

In the event a player becomes a free agent of a minor league, higher wages can be negotiated for him.  A player should be on a team’s 40-man roster, or be eligible for the Rule 5 Draft by the end of his 4th season playing (signed at age 19 or above), or by the end of his 5th season playing (signed at 18 or below). 

The players are given a food stipend of $25.00 per day while on the road. In the previous season, the Minor League wage must be at least 60 percent of the player’s total minor and Major League income. (624)


Image by Anne & Saturnino Miranda from Pixabay

The Major League Baseball organization pays not only Minor League Baseball players’ salaries but also the managers, coaches, trainers and personnel who support all the teams in the Minors.

In addition, major league baseball covers 100% of the health premiums for all players in the minor league, and an average of 75% to their dependents.

A $50,000 life insurance incentive is also provided. And a pension plan is available after playing in the Minor Leagues for one year.

The qualifications of the minor league pension plan state that if a player is on a minor league roster as of August 1st and any year it is counted to him as a full year of “service” on the pension plan. 

Regarding players in college, most, not all, players will get tuition and living expenses covered through provided college scholarship benefits. The MLB teams offered up to $49 million in incentives for players who were signed up in 2017.

Below is a former player who tells about his experiences in the minor leagues and how much money he was able to make:


A Minor League baseball player is one of only 25 participants on the active list and AA participants have to play games daily.  They also are required to have strenuous instruction and exercise sessions all through the spring and summer months.

Most AA teams are located in mid-sized cities within fair travel times of different teams in the same similar leagues.

AA minor league team players typically take time out at their home stadium facility that normally hold up to 10,000 spectators. 

The facilities may include indoor and outdoor cages for batting practice, weight rooms and training areas for indoor and outdoor use.

Photo by FanSided

The day of the minor league ballplayer involves both guided and elective practices and activities, when the team is playing a number of games home and the player can also spend time with a personal strength trainer to handle any pain or distress so they can get ready for the game. 

During the game the player simply takes part on the field or on the bench as a team member.

A player in AA baseball is no slouch and should not be considered worthless.  He or she is usually thought to be very talented and willing to be called to the Major Leagues at a moment’s notice.

If a Minor League AA baseball player can stay the course, keep hustling and put in the time to gain valuable experience they can eventually succeed in making the jump to play in the Major Leagues.

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