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7 Awesome Places That Pay You To Move There

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Places that pay you to move there:  Is this for real? Yes! Well, not too long ago, we did a post on States That Pay You To Move There, but these were all American states only.  

Our research also uncovered a small town or non-US cities that pay people attractive incentives like discounted rent, reduced state income tax, free lot space and even enticements to reduce student loan debt. 

Conversely, below is the list we have so far. We’ll continue to add to our collection as we find more great deals.


SASKATCHEWAN, CANADA- Places that pay you to move there
Photo by IChris

Incentive:  A tax credit of up to $22,000 Canadian dollars (about $15,000 USD) is available to students in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan through the GRP (Graduate Retention Program) for their income taxes. 

Applications are approved right away in most cases to people who have completed a post-secondary institution in Saskatchewan.

Qualifications:  Potential applicants cannot have graduated from a post-secondary program (they choose which program is qualified) more than seven years ago and they must either already reside in the province or be making plans to move to that state.


Pipestone, Manitoba

Incentive:  Since we’re talking about Canada, there is another place located in Canada that is a rural city called Pipestone.  It is located in Southwest Manitoba. They are offering a grant of up to $32,000 to start up a business there to promote economic growth.  

Also, there is grant money available to defray home buying or building costs.  

Qualifications:  Pay a $1000.00 deposit and you are eligible to buy a plot of land for only $10.00!


Santiago, Chile

Chile has a Seed program called Start-Up Chile (SUP) that entrepreneurs may be interested in.  

This is a South-American program was launched in 2010 by the Chilean Government, and it is actually one of the world’s top accelerators in Latin America. 

Techies participating in this program can get up to $80,000.00 (equity-free!) in funds along with work visas, training and office areas to boot.  

SUP is also running a program called The S Factory.  This is a woman-only focused business project that offers up to $25,000 without equity.


Image by Paolo Ghedini from Pixabay

Incentive:  Albinen is quite the picturesque and lovely Swiss village at 1,300 meters above the Rhône valley.  It boasts pure mountain air, sunny views and there is a nearby thermal resort (6 km) called Leukerbad.  

However, it has only 240 inhabitants.  This fact may appeal to persons wanting to escape from over-crowded cities.  Breathing room can be a very attractive point to introverts and extroverts alike.   

The people in this village voted yes in 2017 to a bill that each adult inhabitant would receive $25,000 and that each child inhabitant would be paid $10,000 just for staying in Albinen.  

Note that the above amounts are U.S. currency, I’m not sure what the equivalent Swiss monies are.  Check the link above to make sure.

Qualifications:  Potential inhabitants of Albinen must be under the age of 45 and commit themselves to live there for at least 10 years. You also need to buy or build housing worth 200,000 CHF or more (approximately $202,500 in US money). 

Non-natives of Switzerland also need to obtain a ‘C’ permit, which is granted to international citizens who settle down there.  

Note also that you need a special residence permit to be eligible to be considered for residency in Albinen, Switzerland.


Candela, Italy
Photo by Eva Grosso

Incentive:  One other places that pay you to move there is Candela, Italy. This quaint little town is located in the Apulia area, is also known as “Little Naples”, and has a population of about 2,700 inhabitants.  

This town is offering between EUR 800 and 2,000 (about $910 to $2,775 in US dollars) to draw more inhabitants.

Qualifications:  Potential persons must become residents of Candela, rent a house and receive a minimum salary of EUR 7,500.


Photo by Anton Farm

This is not exactly a city, but an island called Antikythera situated in the Aegean Sea, between Greece’s mainland and Crete.  It features visually attractive harbor cities and beautiful sandy beaches.  

The issue with this island is that there are not many people there.  The people consisting mostly of male pensioners over seventy.

The total population is only about 24 persons, which also includes three children.  

The population usually grows to about 40 persons, but that only occurs during the summer months.

According to the news website iefimerida, amid concern that the island will soon be abandoned, the Diocese of the Grecian Orthodox Church has teamed up with the local government to offer 500 EUR monthly for the 1st 3 years of habitation along with a plot of land and a house.  

In case you were wondering about the island’s self-sufficiency, it has a power plant of its own and a source of water of its own, and is a popular destination for climate scientists and geologists.

Qualifications:  Greek citizens preferred


Image by Mueslimuse from Pixabay

Incentive:  Mauritius is another one of the places that pay you to move there.  It is also an island and is situated in the Indian Ocean about 1200 miles southeast of Africa.  

They have a program offering called the Mauritius Business Growth Scheme that entices entrepreneurs with 20,000 rupees a month to locate business operations there.

Qualifications:  Must have a unique and innovative service or product to sell.  It just may be worth it to have your business located in a tropical paradise setting so it doesn’t feel like work at all!

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