states that pay you to move there

4 Great States That Pay You to Move There

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States that pay you to move there…  Is that possible? Yes! 

Moving is a drag and finding the perfect place to move is an important decision.  After all, you will be there sometimes for the rest of your life!

As someone that has moved numerous times, finding an adequate place to live is very difficult. 

Whether you’re a new parent, college student, purchasing your first home, or just want to find a safer or economical area, affordability is important when considering a new state to move to. 

Fortunately, not everywhere in the United States has skyrocketing living costs. Cities and states across this nation are incentivizing inbound residents with everything from discounted tax programs and forgivable house loans to no-strings-attached college tuition.

To keep state economies thriving, some state governments and\or benefactors are offering individuals and businesses very attractive incentives to move there.

After all, a move to a new state is all the more sweeter with a financial incentive.


I placed this state first because Vermont started the Remote Worker Grant Program in 2019 and the year is almost over.  At first, the monies originally allocated was $125,000 from a total $500,000 pool.

Incentive:  They want to give people up to $10,000 ($5000.00 yearly up to 2 years) to become residents of Vermont.

Qualifications:  For remote workers right now, which in this case is defined as a person who works from home or a co-working space in a remote capacity in Vermont.  However, The plan will extend in 2020 to include employees who work for Vermont-based employers.

During the first six months of 2019, 33 candidates and their families made the switch to the state of Vermont, which increased the population by 87 persons.  They received up to $5000 (it averaged out to $3,700 each). 

These funds were used to cover the mover’s transfer costs, internet costs, co-working space costs and hardware\software costs.

Since the Remote Worker Grant Program had great initial success, Vermont opened the program to new applicants in July 2019 and will continue until the remaining $375,000 dollars of appropriated funds are spent.


Oklahoma will pay you to move there
Photo by Victor Hamberlin

The second of states that will pay you to move there is Tulsa.

Incentive:  The Tulsa Remote program offers remote workers $10,000.00 to move to Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Recipients will get some cash in advance of relocation costs, and then a monthly grant for the first year.

They will receive the rest of the money at the end of the year.  And in a co-working space, they will put into a desk so that you will not have to sit there all alone on the floor.

The plan also provides a discounted lease for up to three months and an activity schedule for the region.  There’s even more incentives you can check out at their site above.

Note that applications for 2019 are already selected and closed, but you can go to the link above and apply to be considered for the 2020 year. 

Be aware though that if you are approved within six months, you MUST be ready to move to Tulsa. Are you ready?

Qualifications: The only prerequisite you need is for you to be aged 18, to be eligible to work in the US and… oh yeah… you have to want to live in Tulsa!

I like this program because it’s being offered by the George Kaiser Family education foundation, which is dedicated to addressing poverty in Tulsa and making the more vibrant city. 

They’ve been focused on attracting teachers to the city as well. Good to not only see the affluent giving back, but also caring about the children as well. Kudos to them.


Hamilton Ohio
Photo by Nathaniel Kaelin

The third of states that will pay you to move there is Ohio.

Incentive:  Hamilton, Ohio wants to attract top talent by offering up to $10,000 relocate there as part of a” reverse-scholarship” designed to help relieve student loan debt. 

This amount will be apportioned out in 30 installments of $300.00.

Qualifications:  To be qualified, you must have graduated within the past seven years from a college program centered in one of the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts or Mathematics) disciplines. 

This is not open to the residents already in Hamilton, Ohio, but you have to show that you are employed anywhere within the county where Hamilton, Ohio is located: Butler County.

Furthermore, they prefer applicants who want to give back and get really involved with the Hamilton community.


North Platte Nebraska
Photo by GregSteele

Incentive:  (North Platte) 

The WORK NP program was created by the economic development group of North Platte and designed to give monies to local businesses. 

The goal here is to help the business have the ability to offer attractive incentive packages to the potential employee to get them to come live in North Platte, Nebraska. 

In turn, the community gets the highly skilled workers needed. The enrollment incentives would match up to $5,000 for new employment, which is a potential $10,000 worker signing bonus.

The money can be used to offset relocation costs, mortgage payments, repayment of student loans and more for potential employees.

Qualifications: (North Platte) These qualifications apply to the local business receiving the funds. However the potential benefits. 

The business must be a Chamber of Commerce member, the worker hired by the local business must earn a minimum of 20 dollars an hour.

The new employee must live in the city for three years and only a representative from the business receives the funds on behalf of the employee.

Curtis Nebraska
Photo by Aaron Couch

Incentives:  (Curtis) Curtis, Nebraska is offering totally-free land lots to build your dream home on.  Additionally, the streets are already paved and setup for the utilities you need.  

Qualifications: (Curtis)  Move to Curtis, Nebraska of course.  Oh, and you have to afford to build the house itself.  Also, you should build the house to approved specs and other requirements and have the home completed within a set time period.  See the link above for more details.

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