Index Providers Rule the WorldFor Now, at Least

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In September 2015, Peru’s then-finance minister hastily changed his programs and hop-skip on a flow to New York. By the time Alonso Segura Vasi shored in the U.S ., officials from the country’s central bank and defences regulator were also on the way to assemble him. What prompted a bevy of Peruvian officials to stir […]


Trump’s Trade Barbs Push Asian Nations Closer to China’s Orbit

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For years, smaller nations in Asia have examined to the U.S. to stipulate a counterweight to an increasingly powerful China. Under President Trump in Asia Kept One Eye on Re-Election, With Push for Deals ” The credibility of the U.S. is going down, so regional actors are trying to do their own situations ,” said […]


Americans Are Officially Freaking Out

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For those lying awake at night to be concerned about health care, the economy, and an overall apprehension of divide between you and your neighbors, there’s at least one beginning of convenience: Your neighbors might very well be lying awake, too. Almost two-thirds of Americans, or 63 percentage, report being stressed about the future of […]


‘I hope youre ready to get married’: in search of Vietnam’s kidnapped brides

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Phngs daughter was kidnapped from her village in Vietnam and sold into a forced marriage in China. Could she moved her down starting on Facebook? Early one morning last-place April, Phu o ng woke to conclude over 100 missed entitles on her mobile phone, all of them from her eldest daughter, Ly. “Mum!” Ly rumbled, […]