Migrants are more profitable than drugs: how the mafia infiltrated Italys asylum system

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Russia’ s Lavrov pestered as Syria peace negotiation in Sochi collapse – CNN The long read: Crime lineages have cashed in on the refugee industry Joy, a young Nigerian woman, was stand in the street outside the sprawling, overcrowded Cara di Mineo reception centre for asylum seekers in primary Sicily, waiting for someone to pick […]


How Nigerians Beat Bitcoin Scams

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Depending on your senses about Bitcoin, it may seem appropriate that Nigeria’s love for the cryptocurrency began with a swindle. Mavrodi Mondial Moneybox( MMM ), a 30 -year-long world-wide Ponzi scheme that began in Russia, roped in thousands of Nigerians from late 2015 to the end of 2016 with promises of 30 percent incomes in […]


Eat, pray, live: the Lagos megachurches building their very own cities

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Redemption Camp has 5,000 rooms, streets, rubbish collecting, police, supermarkets, banks, a merriment carnival, a united states post office even a 25 megawatt power plant. In Nigeria, the line between religiou and metropolitan is rapidly vanishing “Ha-lleluuuu-jah,” booms the peculiar expres of Pastor Enoch Adeboye, also known as members of the general overseer. The sound […]