How Bill Gates aims to clean up the planet

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Its a simple idea: strip CO2 from the breeze and use it to produce carbon-neutral fuel. But can it work on an industrial flake? Carbon capture and storage( CCS) The Observer It’s a simple idea: airstrip CO2 from the aura and use it to produce carbon-neutral gasoline. But can it is currently working on an […]


Energy agency rejects Trump plan to prop up coal and nuclear power plants

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The sudden decision by the Republican-controlled body is a blow to the presidents high-profile mission to revive the striving US coal industry An independent exertion agency on Monday spurned a Trump organisation plan to bolster coal-fired and nuclear power plants with subsidies, coping a gale to the president’s high-profile mission to revive the fighting coal […]


Alaskas Arctic national wildlife refuge now has a $1bn price tag on it | Kim Heacox

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Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski believes this refuge could make enormous summarizes of fund once its opened to lubricant leasing. That would be a tragedy Years ago, tenting in Alaska senator Lisa Murkowski believes this refuge- 80 miles east of Prudhoe Bay- could produce$ 1bn over 10 years formerly it’s opened to lubricant leasing. She and […]


‘Tobacco at a cancer summit’: Trump coal push savaged at climate conference

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The US governments attempt to portray fossil fuel as vital to reducing poverty and saving US enterprises is ridiculed in Bonn The Trump team was interrupted and ended by a assert anthem at the UN’s sang:” So you claim to be an American, but we realise right through your avarice, it’s killing right across the […]