‘The difficulty is the point’: teaching spoon-fed students how to really read

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When the logic of capitalism makes universities are raced as professions, often is lost. Restoring literature is crucial to understanding the times we live in I‘ve recently finished distinguishing 40 -odd quizs, predominantly written by beings between the senilities of 18 and 21. In them our students had to answer questions about various aspects of […]


Peter Carey: ‘You wake up in the morning and you are the beneficiary of a genocide’

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Booker prize-winning novelist is one reason why hes finally confronting Australias colonial past and how it should be done Peter Carey has one key section of advice for lily-white novelists attempting to write about Indigenous Australia:” Do not make a cock of yourself .” It’s all anyone wants to talk to him about at the […]


Belle Gibson fined $410,000 for false charity promises

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Federal court orders dishonor wellness blogger to liquidate sanction after she exchanged a cookbook and app after claiming to have medicine cancer naturally The humiliation wellness blogger Belle Gibson has been prescribed by the federal tribunal in Melbourne to refund $410,000 to the government of Victoria. For the past few months In an interrogation with […]


Rebel Wilson wins $4.56m damages from Bauer in record libel settlement

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The Australian actor is gifted vast summarize, plus affair and costs, at the state supreme court in Melbourne The Australian actor Rebel Wilson has been awarded more than $4.5 m in injuries, plus fascinate and court costs, in her slander instance against Bauer Media. Wilson said the decision brought to an purpose a” long and […]


My job is to clean up the environment. China really wants to do that

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Environmental lawyer James Thornton says Chinas ecological civilisation idea is the best response to the worlds environmental crisis James Thornton’s specialty is litigating governments and corporations on behalf of his only patient- the Earth- and he’s very good at it. In his four decades of law rehearsal across three continents, he’s never lost a case. […]