Utah taxpayers footed bill for hotel tied to prostitute report

Taxpayer funds were used to pay for at the least two hotel rooms that a Utah lawmaker who resigned this week is alleged to have used to meet up with a prostitute last year, according to records a mood House of Representative administrator spotted Thursday.

After the British newspaper the Daily Mail reported accusations Thursday that Republican Rep. Jon Stanard twice hired a prostitute in 2017, House and state referendums administrators said they were checking to see if taxpayer or safarus money was used for the inn remains that the working group alleges Stanard booked.

House Chief of Staff Greg Hartley told the Associated Press in a text word that Stanard, who vacated Tuesday night, was repaid for hotel stays in Salt Lake City in June and August 2017 when Stanard was listening legislative sessions at the country Capitol, four hours from his house in St. George.

The dates and inn calls correspond with text sends reported in the Daily Mail.

“It looks like they were judicial periods, ” Republican House Speaker Greg Hughes told The Associated Press Thursday night.

Hughes said he didn’t more know if the House would query Stanard to recall the inn reimbursements.

“If there has been an abuse of public monies or if public funds were used in a way that’s inappropriate, we were able to, ” Hughes said. “I don’t have solid answers for those working events. I would need to have a lane that I would know conclusively that that is the case.”

Phone and text sends to Stanard’s personal cellphone were no longer rendered, but it indicated that the government speak the texts aiming mention. His advocate, Wally Bugden, declined to comment and did not respond to a follow-up email asking if he was rejecting the allegations.

Hughes said he did not yet know what the House would do next to try to determine if the Daily Mail report was compensate, and said officers had not had any contact from Stanard Thursday.

It was unclear if the House would be able to check whether Stanard exercised a state-issued cellphone to text the sex and agree encounters because someone electronically mopped the phone and it no longer contains his textbook messages.

The House Speaker said he accepted Stanard killed his telephone , not House staff, and Hughes said he didn’t know if there was a space to recover text senses from the phone.

House administrators said they can’t launch an ethics investigation because Stanard is no longer a lawmaker.

Stanard, a married Republican from the countries of the south Utah resort community of St. George, renounced after dishing five years old in the House. He elected last year in favor of a ordinance that stimulated commonwealth prostitution constitutions stricter, including fostering criminal penalties for people who are convicted twice of solicitation.

The House announced his resignation Wednesday for “personal and family concerns” but should not give details. That era, Stanard the AP in a text word: “My father has terminal cancer and I am going to spend a few weeks with him out of state while I still can.”

He did not offer additional information.

The Daily Mail reported that a sex, Brie Taylor, said Stanard twice paid her for copulation last year during business jaunts to Salt Lake City and that he put the meetings with a number for a state-issued phone listed on his legislative profile.

The newspaper announced screenshots of sends that Taylor said came from Stanard, but the phone number was blurred out.

Taylor did not respond to a text letter expecting her to substantiate the telephone number and declined to speak with the AP.

The date and occasion of the contents indicate Stanard would have been texting her to order engagements on days the Legislature was in session in March and when lawmakers were in confronts at the Capitol in summer and fall.

Stanard’s 2017 expedition busines report evidences he submitted an expenditure on March 10 for $1,510 for “extra hotel expense session lodging” at the “Marriott Residence.”

Text letters in the Daily Mail tale mark Stanard was agreeing for a visit with Taylor at the Marriott Residence Inn on March 8.

Utah Director of Elections Justin Lee said regime regulation saloons any personal exert of expedition stores and elections bureaucrats were inspecting over Stanard’s reports.

Hughes “re just saying that” when Stanard met with him Tuesday night to tell him he was renouncing, “there were issues that were weighing on him. What accurately and to the nature, I wasn’t informed. But it was clear that his priority was with his family and was not here.”

He would not say if Stanard spoke about allegations he paid a sex for gender, saying it was a personal speech between collaborators but “it raced the assortment of problems, ” and “I did not know there was a tale coming, I’ll just say that.”

“I was absolutely scandalized. I had never heard anything, there was nothing in my interaction — I sit next to him on the House floor — nothing in my interaction that’s ever indicating anything even remotely close to what we’re watching today, ” GOP Rep. Mike McKell said.

Salt Lake City police say they have no preserve relevant to solicitation accusations against Stanard. Unified Police Department of Salt Lake County told you so “havent had” record of linked with him.

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