Senator seeking admin records on Trump’s sale of Palm Beach mansion to Russian


( CNN) A senator is expecting the Treasury Department to turn over records of a rewarding real estate sale Donald Trump made to a Russian billionaire as the Senate Finance Committee looks into Trump’s ties to Russians.

Wyden’s letteroutlined how Donald Trump bought a 6.3 -acre property in Florida for $41.35 million in 2004 and then sold that belonging to a company owned by the businessman 4 years later. The sales price to Rybolovlev more than double-dealing Trump’s initial investment, to $95 million. The property’s judgment in 2008 fell short of that sales price by $30 million, Wyden said.

“In the context of the President’s then-precarious financial situation, I believe that the Palm Beach property sale authorizes significantly inquiry, ” the Oregon Democrat wrote. “It is imperative that Congress follow the money and conduct a thorough investigation into any potential fund laundering or other clandestine business considers between the President, his associates, and Russia.”