Michael Flynn May Be Cooperating With Mueller’s Russia Probe: Report

President Donald Trump’s onetime national security adviser, Michael Flynn, may be moving to cooperate with the special admonish investigating ties between the Trump campaign and attempts by Russia to intervene in the 2016 general elections, The New York Times reported Thursday.

Lawyers for Flynn have reportedly stopped sharing information about special lawyer Robert Mueller’s ongoing probe with the White House, a move the Times memoes could signal Flynn’s cooperation with police investigations or that he is in the process of negotiating some sort of law transaction. Flynn’s lawyers had been cooperating with Trump’s legal team, as defense teams often do, but recently advised the White House they could no longer discuss the investigation.

Such a move isn’t a definite signal Flynn is negotiating some sort of agreement. The Time report was based on information from four people familiar with the occasion, whose names could not be discovered as they aren’t authorized to speak publicly.

Flynn resigned from the Trump’s government in February after it was disclosed he misled Vice President Mike Pence about conversations he had with the Russian ambassador to the United States. He have all along had associations with Russia and sat next to President Vladimir Putin at a dinner in Moscow in 2015.

NBC News reported this month that Mueller’s team had enough ground to bring charges against Flynn and his son, Michael G. Flynn, who dished as his father’s chief of staff during the campaign.

The elder Flynn has hitherto signaled that he would not collaborate with a Senate intelligence committee investigation into conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia, invoking his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination in May. But the Times records he may move to work with Mueller in an effort to save his son.

His cooperation would provide insight about Trump’s campaign and his early days in the White House.

Mueller’s probe snagged its first targets last-place month, when former Trump campaign chairperson Paul Manafort and his associate, Richard Gates, were indicted on indicts of conspiracy and coin laundering. Both have pleaded not guilty.

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