Human remains found in search for Natalee Holloway belong to female of eastern European descent, tests show

Human abides found out about Aruba, where Natalee Holloway ended 12 years ago, are those of a girl of Eastern European swoop, experiments showed.

The remains will be tested further to determine if they are those of Holloway and the results were expected within the next two weeks, the Daily Mail reported.

Holloway, 18, a straight-A student from Mountain Brook, Ala ., evaporated from the island while celebrating her high school graduation.

The Daily Mail said her family had Eastern European heritage.

The discovery of the remains that may be those of Holloway was to be revealed in the docu-series “The Disappearance of Natalee Holloway.” The Oxygen series follows Holloway’s father, Dave, and private investigator T.J. Ward in their quest to acquisition Natalee on the humid island.


“We did an 18 -month undercover investigation with an informant who was friends with an individual who had personal knowledge from Joran van der Sloot, ” Dave Holloway told NBC’s “Today” demo last week.

Joran van der Sloot, a Dutch national, have all along been considered a suspect in the case.

“And had information that made us to a smudge where abides were found. And we made those remains and had those abides tested. And they just reverted last week they are human continues, ” Holloway said.

The Daily Mail declared that Holloway’s mother, Beth, contributed a saliva sample to support the activities related to the testing.

“So far all the indicators are that these bone fragments are the human remains of a young female, consistent with person of east European drop-off, ” an unidentified beginning told the Daily Mail.

“It will be agonizing if Dave and Beth are told this is their daughter, but after 12 years of searching for answers it will be a huge cope for them – it might eventually produce them close, ‘ the source continued.


During their investigation, Holloway and Ward have discovered that Natalee was apparently last participated outside a prohibit before her disappearance with Van der Sloot, whom she converged while on her errand. Holloway and Ward discovered the information through an informant listed Gabriel who was roommates with John Ludwick, Van der Sloot’s best friend.

Gabriel spoke Van der Sloot tried to kiss Natalee after her drink was spiked with the date rape remedy GHB but the teen started to foam at the mouth. Natalee suffocated to fatality on her vomiting and Van der Sloot panicked and allegedly framed their own bodies in a burlap sack and implanted her in an Aruban park, squandering a cactus weed to cover his tracks.

Van der Sloot allegedly professed to his pal in confidence.

“They lived together for several months and during those months, Joran shared a lot of information with him that is not public knowledge . … And that’s one of the same reasons we prosecuted this, ” David Holloway said.

Van der Sloot is currently in a Peruvian prison sufficing a 28 -year sentence for killing business student Stephany Flores time five years after Natalee vanished.

Gabriel also said that Van der Sloot was assisted by his father, Paulus, a judge in Aruba, in dumping of Natalee’s body, according to the Daily Mail.

Aruba Public Prosecutor Dorean Kardol disputed Holloway’s claims that human remains were found on the island.

“During investigations conducted by police in an area indicated by Mr. Holloway, we discovered persists, but they were found to be from swine, ” Kardol said.

Fox News’ Frank Miles contributed to this report .

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