Hollywood rallies for Harvey relief effort


( CNN) As he commonly is this time of time, “Supernatural” star and Texas native Jensen Ackles is in Vancouver filming his evidence. But as the consequences of the Hurricane Harvey and extraordinary flooding have continued affliction the Lone Star State, he’s receiving it difficult to be away from his wife, children and child country he announces residence when not working more than 2,000 miles out.

He’s doing his best to help from afar. Ackles is guiding a charge to mobilize “Supernatural’s” dedicated followers to raise money for the improvement endeavour. As of brochure, international efforts has raised more than $160,000 via Crowdrise in collaboration with Random Acts, a benevolence organized by his “Supernatural” co-star Misha Collins.

Thank you … https :// www.crowdrise.com/ o/ en/ squad/ texas-flood-relief/ familybusinessbeercompany

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