Buy Twitter, ban Trump: former CIA agent tries to crowdfund $1bn purchase

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Valerie Plame Wilson articulates Trumps tweets damage the country and introduced people in harms style but a majority stake in fellowship would cost about$ 6bn The former spy CIA agent Valerie Plame Wilson is looking to crowdfund enough money to buy Twitter, so Donald Trump can’t implement it. Wilson propelled the fundraiser last week, tweeting:” […]


Lawyer Says He Discussed Moscow Tower Plan With Trump Three Times

Donald Trump explored a proposal to build a inn and condominium fortres in Moscow on three motives with his company’s lawyer, who emailed the press secretary for Russian President Vladimir Putin to ask for assistance on the project. The Trump Organization weighed the” Trump Tower Moscow” suggestion from September 2015 to January 2016, attorney Michael […]


Cuba’s Elin Gonzlez says he wants to reconcile with his Miami relatives


Cardenas, Cuba( CNN) Elian Gonzalez greets me with a smile and firm handshake. He is unassuming and low-key despite once being at the center of a bitter international custody duel committing two Cold War enemies. Gonzalez sits calmly in his family home in Cardenas as “his fathers”, Juan Miguel, talks a mile instant. There are […]


‘The new Obama’: will Abdul El-Sayed be America’s first Muslim governor?

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The 32 -year-old charismatic Muslim doctor is flow for minister of Michigan and in the process trying to change US politics At seven years old, Abdul El-Sayed sat in the eye of Hurricane Andrew, the most destructive hurricane in US history until Katrina. Living near Miami, El-Sayed imbibed juice while swaddled under mattresses between his […]